Dashcam Catches Russian Powerstation Exploding While Driver Listens To John Lennon's 'Imagine'

February 7, 2012


This is a video of a Russian driving on his way to work at the local vodka distillery outside Saint Petersburg (everybody in Russia works at a vodka distillery in my mind) when a power station explodes. Did I mention he's listening to John Lennon's "Imagine" while it all goes down? I did -- IN THE TITLE. You know what I would've done if I was driving to work and saw a giant explosion in front of me? TURNED AROUND AND DRIVEN TILL I HIT AN OCEAN. Then started swimming. Then f***ed a shark.

Hit the jump for the yeaaaaaaah, I'm just gonna call in sick today. You mean drunk? The Russian flu.

A Russian Power Substation Explosion Caught on Video [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who would have driven straight for the blast and had sex with whatever radioactive mutant emerged.

  • Ion

    It's a video from the future! June 2nd, 2012

    and don't tell me it's actually Feb 6th...everyone knows you put the month first

  • MightyFrost


  • tarotdona

    the guy says like one thing, barely above a whisper, and then that's it. There wasn't any "WTF WAS THAT SHIT?!" <in russian=""> .

  • Andyman7714

    And the Russians didn't launch an all out nuclear response, why?

  • Guest

    Dash cams are a good way to capture something, if one doesn't have the time to pull out their camera.

  • Bryan Kral

    I would have instantly thought the world was ending.

  •  It certainly looks like a bomb going off. I wonder why there was no explosion sound, though...

  • LegoHorder

    Most of the cams on the show Cops don't have sound. When the car moves forward the sound of the engine doesn't change. "Whatcha gonna do when there's no sound for you?"

  • Dan

    He orchestrated it. Who has a video camera running in their car at all times? Silly Russians. 

  • JimmyThr

    quick call the POlise 

  • Two words. Dash cam. 

  • Dan

    Obviously it's a dash cam. I didn't know people ran around with dash cams attached to their dashboards on a regular basis. Is this standard in Russia? 

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