Daaaaaaaw: Puffer Fish Chasing A Laser Pointer

February 23, 2012


Because WHY THE F*** SHOULD CATS be the only ones having a good time chasing laser pointers, this puffer fish decided to give it a go. And he likes it! Just kidding, he thinks it's food and winds up with nothing but a mouthful of sand every time. Speaking of which -- remember how I told you I once ate a bunch of sand playing beach volleyball? Well that was a lie -- it happened making out with a mermaid. "And that's the truth?" Fine, I was on acid. "And?" And it was a merman.

Hit the jump for the laser-chasing action.

Morning Fluff [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Ldee, who once had a turtle who would chase a laser pointer but the batteries would die before he ever got close.

  • dudeblackmagic

    Just wonder if he will chase this 1w blue laser? it will kill him instantly.lol

  • ....And not one single joke about how he's waving a PISTOL at the fish?!??!?! You must be slipping

  • AlwaysPunchingRobots

    Baby chickens will do the same thing if you dangle a ring full of keys at them.

  • Jadis

    at :40 it's like he gets mad at the human for not letting him catch the light. LOL

  • Guest

    Would it be funnier if it was a catfish?

  • n_a_a_s

    If I used any of my lasers for something like this I'd cook the fish in a heartbeat

  • ahmet zeytindali

    Is he doing it with a GUN's Laser Guide!?

  • John Kohler

    One step closer to an armada of sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads

  • I appreciate the fact that the guy is using a laser sight on his gun.  Multipurposing is neat.

  • http://www.dailygoldpro.com/

    this is really a unique video, I really enjoy watching this. 

  • **awww**

  • laser guided puffer fish... new research for DARPA... hahaha

  • Ru1200

    Taking laser to aquarium next time!

  • Good idea! I wonder if it works on sharks...

  • Ru1200

    Now that could keep me busy for hours!

  • tarotdona

    this is how we can lure in hundreds of fish!!! WITH LAZZZERS!!!
    they'll either follow it into the nets or we'll just blind them into submission.

  • Ummm... he's gonna pop a cap in that fish's ass apparently.  Lol at the guy with the gun playing with his fish.  Badass.

  • HIS FINS ARE TINY! so damn cute.

  • they never learn.

  • DoubleFish

    Wow, video from someone who actually bought one of those ridiculously expensive laser pointers for guns...!

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