Daaaaaaaw: Puffer Fish Chasing A Laser Pointer

February 23, 2012


Because WHY THE F*** SHOULD CATS be the only ones having a good time chasing laser pointers, this puffer fish decided to give it a go. And he likes it! Just kidding, he thinks it's food and winds up with nothing but a mouthful of sand every time. Speaking of which -- remember how I told you I once ate a bunch of sand playing beach volleyball? Well that was a lie -- it happened making out with a mermaid. "And that's the truth?" Fine, I was on acid. "And?" And it was a merman.

Hit the jump for the laser-chasing action.

Morning Fluff [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Ldee, who once had a turtle who would chase a laser pointer but the batteries would die before he ever got close.

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