Crack Is Back!: The Buttcrack Cleavage Dress

February 13, 2012


This is the 'Super Sexy Dress' from Greek Etsy seller LinaSpyroS (aka Lina Petrauskiene). It has a giant hole in the back to show off your buttcrack. Although, if you bent over, I wouldn't be surprised to find out it showed a little more than that. I'M TALKING BARE BUTTHOLE, FOLKS. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be worn commando or with underwear, but you wouldn't catch me sitting on a city bus wearing it bare-bottomed. Get it? Because I'd be too busy struttin' my ass down the sidewalk! *practicing sassy-walk* "...You do know you have toilet paper stuck between your buttcheeks, right?" YOU KNOW I SUCK AT WIPING I like to accessorize.

Etsy Product Site
CRACK KILLS: Super Sexy Butt Cleave Dress [incrediblethings]

Thanks to TAITTDV, who promised to make me a pants version so I don't look so ridiculous wearing a dress.

  • Mackenzie Rainbow

    So I had to defend some womens issues here but all said, that does look pretty silly. She has a beautiful ass, and I would consider wearing that, but you can't wear that without knowing you look silly. If you were serious, that would be unfortunate.

  • Rape waiting to happen!

  • Mackenzie Rainbow

    Not to be too serious, but we all know that clothing does not cause rape, rapists cause rape. people are raped in ugly sweaters.

    Rapist need to take responsibility (and not be rapists), rather than saying "but look at that dress! Her ass was RIGHT THERE"

  • phillip reyes

    It'd be weird to be sitting when she walks past my face in the theater. 

  • jimmy chen

    they shouldnt have used a 40 year old model for this....,

  • Didn't they do this in that old 80s movie So Fine?

  • Jadis

    this is quite possibly the most ridiculous garment I've ever seen (that is actually meant to be worn).  I have to agree with Kingle. What kind of person is wearing this? Hot girl with no self respect or the crazy cat lady. Either one is a yellow and black striped tape across the crime scene.  
     I'm honestly a little less distracted by the crack with no actual ass as I am the schizophrenic decor; Some kind of tribal/W.O.W. inspired perhaps wall art and grandmas miniature landscape prints over hanging what's likely a futon with an Indian blanket on it and a classical-mod sculpture near grandpa's reading lamp.   What?

  • Mackenzie Rainbow

    I would consider wearing that, out of respect for my amazing ass. I can't imagine a crazy cat lady wearing it; it looks like it would attract fur.

  • Jadis

    Out of respect for my amazing ass I would not. Somebody wants to see what I got they have to work for it. I don't give it away.

  • billabong031

    an awesome buttf*cking dress, seriously, just like, bend over and let the magic happen.

  • Ninja ninja

    that woul

  • inconspicuous

    Not very classy... not very classy at all. Lacking of class, I mean.

  • Far too drafty.

  • afterooster

    A Rapists' Favorite Dress
    Toilet Dress
    Free Finger Rides!

    also you can throw spit balls in the crack

  • Leo

    more crack, less cankles.

  • Job Genders

     I like to accessorize.

    Too bad you didnt finish this one off with "i like to asssorize"

  • Staplegunn

    In the butt, Bob.

  • George Ragen

    Now everyone can see your not wearing panties like a trashy slut! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

  • Mackenzie Rainbow

    Uh no. Just no. don't talk when you are an idiot. It's like driving while drunk.

    To clarify, clothes do not denote actions. some people do wear underwear, and some don't, irrespective of their sexual practices. And the phrase "trashy slut" is extremely degrading and never appropriate.

  • Aside from the trashy outfit, she's pretty sexy.

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