Conceptual 'Charge Your iPhone By Breathing' Mask

February 29, 2012


This is the conceptual AIRE mask. The idea is that you just strap it to your face and charge your iPhone simply by breathing. The Hannibal Lector look is just an added bonus! No word if breathing heavy like a f***ing creeper makes it charge any faster.

The AIRE mask is a concept that hails from the mind of Joao Paulo Lammoglia, where it will rely on the power of your breath, converting it to electricity thanks to tiny wind turbines. All you need to do is ensure the AIRE mask remains connected to an iOS-powered device, breathe as usual, and you are good to go.

You know what they need to invent? A phone that charges itself by talking and texting. Just kidding, I don't care if that ever exists or not. Now jetpacks on the other hand -- those things need to happen YESTERDAY. And speaking of things that happened yesterday... "You shit your pants on drive home from work again?" You can't anticipate traffic!

Joao's Website
AIRE mask charges iPhone with your breath [ubergizmo]

Thanks to Ben, who charges his phone the old fashioned way: with knives taped to his head pretending to be a bull.

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