"Cloud Tsunami" Rolls Over Panama City Beach

February 13, 2012


These are some pictures of a "cloud tsunami" that rolled over some oceanfront condos in Panama City beach last week. You more observant readers might notice I put cloud tsunami in quotes thought because there's no such thing. Same goes for the tooth fairy. Trust me, I've been sleeping with my wisdom teeth under a pillow for almost two years now and I haven't gotten shit. I heard she was eaten trying to visit a shark. Anyway, this is just some harmless fog rolling in off the ocean. Or so they say. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be caught in any kind of tsunami. "Not even a candy one?!" Fetch my boogie board.

Hit the jump for several more from different angles.




Spectacular 'cloud tsunami' rolls over Florida high-rise condos [msnbc]

Thanks to Brandon, who once swam during a gold coin tsunami in Scrooge McDuck's vault even though it hadn't been a half hour since he'd eaten.

  • Wisdom Teeth don't count silly, its got to be non-permanent teeth.

  • Jadis

    better hope they never have a real fire. People might not know the difference. It looks neat though. 

  • brandi jackson

    Hey I didn't think I would see home on this site!! Not gonna lie this is as exciting as it gets in Panama City till the crazed Spring Breakers come and gives us entertaining shows of stupidity. Till then we get this awesome show of fogginess.

  • Boy is that pretty.

  • I live here. Its just fog sitting there, its not really moving. Video wouldn't show anything. It looks like its moving because the wind is holding the fog back and gives it that effect. Happens all the time here, from certain angles it looks like the condos are on fire and engulfed in smoke.

  • n_a_a_s

    GW are you sure this isn't an aerial shot of the national smokers convention held this past weekend?

  • n_a_a_s

    damn that's awesome....   I'd be all over that cloud with a shitload of lasers playing lightsaber battle with a few hotels

  • austin allen

    why isnt there a fuckin video 

  • Dmuff

    If only there was a video... But this is interesting. Thanks for this post.

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