Chart Of Comic Character Spectrum Of Good Vs Evil

February 3, 2012


Note: Actual legible version HERE.

This is a small chart depicting the various levels of good vs neutral vs evil found in comic book characters and a brief explanation of each. Whether you agree or disagree with the chart, you've already spent way too much time and brain power thinking about it. God, we could be planning a bank robbery right now and taking what is rightfully ours! "I'd say that makes you a neutral evil." WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?!

Image of the Day: Awesome comics hero and villain alignment chart [blastr]

Thanks to Carmen, who had this to say: "greetings from Columbia." HAHA -- case closed, Ms. Sandiego!

  • scifibrarian

    One thing they all have in common: penises.

  • Will Gowdy

    Where do Patsy and Edina fit in??

  • Batman is chaotic good. Neutral good would be Martian Manhunter or something. Lawful evil would be Sinestro... Lex Luthor would be neutral evil.

  • Julio Adan Villanueva


  • cabbo

    Always play neutral good.

  • Christian Dumont-Vincent

    I want a website where it gather that kind of alignment chart.

    Any idea?

  • there are already several featuring demotivational posters.

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