Burn Baby, Burn!: Engine Explodes During Oil Change

February 6, 2012


This is a video of a guy eating Funyuns and watching a car engine explode during an oil change, all set to Jon Bon Jovi's 'Blaze of Glory'. I read the Youtube comments looking for an explanation, and the consensus is that the explosion wasn't caused by the oil change, but something else. What the hell do I know? I don't know shit about cars except I'm not allowed to legally operate them in the state of California anymore.

Hit the jump for the GOT-DAMN DO I LOVE ME SOME EXPLOSIONS. "Did you hear that?" Hear what? "Your name getting added to a government watch list." SONOFA.

Never change the oil in Michael Bay's car [boingboing]

Thanks to Jake, who agrees they better have thrown in a free air filter.

  • Johnathan Harding

    So, since no one here owns a 3800 series car no one here knows that the fuel line runs right undernesth that plastic cover.

  • Guest

    Explaining to the owner what happened to the car will be harder to deal with than the fire itself.

  • Matty Spinny

    i think the best part of this is that you can tell they didnt turn the car off once it caught on fire  cause the lights came on after the guy dowsed it with the extinguisher! lmao!!!

  • he was a Spy, and that thigns is clearly "Luminoil"

  • GabrielPT

    Here's your problem...

  • Matthew Ruth

    If i had a mechanic shop, and you bought an exploding car in, i'd be pissed!

  • Dominic

    Was it me, or did the headlights automatically turn on when the fire extinguisher's cloud got in there?

  • Pat

    The car probably has automatic lights for night driving.  Since the car was still running, and the extinguisher spray blocked the light, they turned on.

  • I noticed that as well.  Kind of odd.

  • rikster81

    its a chevy

  • "Christine" Lives!!!

  • If I took my car in for an oil change (I do all my own maintenance like oil changes) and this happened, I would be REALLY pissed.

  •  Nice site, by the way!

  • Thanks!  I'm glad you like it!  I usually do at least 20 posts a week on it so you should consider adding it to your RSS reader or however you keep up with the sites you enjoy.  :)

  • I liked that the guy tried to blow it out ...great idea.

  • First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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