Boney: Impressive Female Skeletor Cosplay

February 28, 2012


Have I ever told you when I was watching the 1987 live action He-Man movie in the theater the film got caught in the projector and melted? That's a true story, I remember it vividly. This is a lady cosplaying as He-Man's arch-nemesis Skeletor at Megacon 2012. She isn't actually boney like I said in the title, that was just a reference to the real Skeletor. This girl actually looks pretty muscular -- my guess is she works out. Condition her hair? Probably never.

Short Fuse Pinups (me? I have zero fuse, BOOM! See?)
Raise Your Power Sword for this Female Skeletor Cosplay [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry, who's never cosplayed before but does moonlight as a superhero that never responds to distress calls.

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