Battle For Breakfast: Star Wars Vehicle Pancake Molds

February 27, 2012


Have one of those annoying little shits who won't eat their pancakes unless they're in the shape of Star Wars spaceships? Send them to school with no breakfast. Oooooor break down and buy this $10 set of Star Wars molds from Williams-Sonoma and prepare to be WALKED ALL OVER. Each set includes an X-wing, TIE fighter and Millennium Falcon. Unfortunately there's no Death Star, but that's okay. "Because most pancakes already look like Death Stars?" Ding-ding-ding-ding! "I won?" No, that was the fire alarm -- NOW GO! "You're not coming?" Nope, I'm going down with the ship. "That wasn't really the fire alarm was it?" I don't know what the f*** it was I just really want you to leave right now.

Star Wars Pancake Molds [incrediblethings]

Thanks to lilco, who agrees waffles are way better. And why? "Because they hold more syrup!" *buttering chest* That's right they do.

  • Nice work...

  • I have these and they are totally awesome. But, you have to butter the crap out of them other wise the pancakes fall apart. The Falcon was the tastiest.

  • It's not a TIE Fighter, it's either a TIE Interceptor or a TIE Advanced... The difference lies in the solar panels, the TIE Fighter is shaped like |o|.

  • Guest

    That is pretty sweet, and this is great for those who love pancakes & Starwarz. mmm....I would also love a bacon shaped pancake mold. :D

  • preety good blog ... its all bout yummy.

  • Ben M

    Pretty cool. Prob still won't be able to get them in the UK though :(
    edit - o and, what? no death star. yeah its round but the DS from Jedi would look cool

    Product site links not working GW.

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