Artist Creates 'Genetic Portraits' By Seamlessly Splicing Together Headshots Of Relatives

February 10, 2012


This is a gallery of "genetic portraits" made by artist Ulric Collette by Photoshopping together photos of his family members. This is a father and daughter portrait here of Daniel, 60 and Amélie, 33. Not necessarily a new idea, but definitely the most Two-Face looking execution I've seen. And speaking of Two-Face executions, *pointing gun* call it in the air -- heads or tails. "Tails." Too bad, you lose. "That's not even a coin -- it's a shirt button!" Ugh, MONEY'S TIGHT RIGHT NOW.

Hit the jump for several more but be sure to check out Ulric's website for the rest.










Thanks to Castiliad, who told me I had a butthis face. "The Geekologie Writer? He's dumb as shit -- butthis face, that's the real kicker. Definitely gonna die an ugly virgin."

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    I too many alhcols last night. But, i can define that the jury is not outo n this one. The reasoning is behind the alcholism and the prey frey. Dugatti Veyon.

  • n_a_a_s

    demented and ghey

  • Hanadulset

    haha! i'd love to do one of these with my brother.

  • Carlos

    OMG. If this artist gets any kind of money from this sh*t everyone with basic photoshop classes has done I'd say humanity is definitely a lost cause.

  • Wonkatonkabonk

    really? THIS is what would cause humanity to be lost? A guy using a widely used and accepted technique to show a concept to people? Then I guess anyone who has ever made money of a painting done in a traditional medium, who's classically trained in the basics, isn't worth a fuck? I guess anyone who's ever applied knowledge from any teacher in any field isn't worth a shit, because clearly, basic knowledge isn't worth money, ever, for any reason at all. 

    THIS is what ruined humanity. The use of knowledge.

    Good opinion!

  • Carlos

    I'm sorry, I was emotional about it and didn't express myself correctly. I said that because I spend days thinking, painting, retouching and sometimes doing everything again (because somebody shows me how it would be better) trying to do something different, that I'm not good yet at doing because I really want to look professional and that takes years. This is not different, I saw a lot of this same thing done in 2011, and this is probably the most ordinary one.

  • N-4 is Sheldon Cooper

  • dillerberry

    Man there are a few pictures that are close!

  • Geigh

    I'd still bang all of them.

  • i really had to look at the 6th one(after the jump) to notice

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