Archie Comics Themed Engagement Photoshoot

February 17, 2012


This is an Archie comics themed engagement shoot (and Photoshopping) for newly committed couple Bryan and Anne by Visionary Photography Hub. I don't know if you guys knew it or not, but I'm somewhat of a visionary photographer myself. *staring at cubicle wall through Polaroid viewfinder* This shot needs way more laser boobs.

Surprisingly, everything was drawn by the company's graphic artist, except for the diner setting which was shot at Johnny Rockets. "Photoshop was used and as well as a pen tablet for the illustrations," [creative Director Mike] Lavarez explained to us. The greatest challenge in creating these scenes belonged not to the graphic artist, however, but to Jervy Santiago, the photographer. "He had to consider the rules of perspective in every layout," he said. "The point of views had to be consistent since we wanted everything to look dimensional with a cinematic flair (a storyboard was involved for each angle). It had to look like they were actually with Archie and his gang."

Admittedly, I like the concept, and I rarely like anything. Not even, wait for it -- candy or ice cream. *gasps from audience* Joking, you don't get *jiggling belly* this fat eating nothing but yogurt and celery. It also took a lot of beer and -- AND -- surviving multiple heart attacks. "Those weren't heart attacks, just really bad gas." I thought that was the smell of death.

Hit the jump for the whole series, which kind of tells a story. Not a particularly interesting one, but a loose story nonetheless.













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Thanks to bb, who wants a fairytale themed engagement shoot. Oh reaaaaally? Stableboy, ready my armor and stallion!

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