Archie Comics Themed Engagement Photoshoot

February 17, 2012


This is an Archie comics themed engagement shoot (and Photoshopping) for newly committed couple Bryan and Anne by Visionary Photography Hub. I don't know if you guys knew it or not, but I'm somewhat of a visionary photographer myself. *staring at cubicle wall through Polaroid viewfinder* This shot needs way more laser boobs.

Surprisingly, everything was drawn by the company's graphic artist, except for the diner setting which was shot at Johnny Rockets. "Photoshop was used and as well as a pen tablet for the illustrations," [creative Director Mike] Lavarez explained to us. The greatest challenge in creating these scenes belonged not to the graphic artist, however, but to Jervy Santiago, the photographer. "He had to consider the rules of perspective in every layout," he said. "The point of views had to be consistent since we wanted everything to look dimensional with a cinematic flair (a storyboard was involved for each angle). It had to look like they were actually with Archie and his gang."

Admittedly, I like the concept, and I rarely like anything. Not even, wait for it -- candy or ice cream. *gasps from audience* Joking, you don't get *jiggling belly* this fat eating nothing but yogurt and celery. It also took a lot of beer and -- AND -- surviving multiple heart attacks. "Those weren't heart attacks, just really bad gas." I thought that was the smell of death.

Hit the jump for the whole series, which kind of tells a story. Not a particularly interesting one, but a loose story nonetheless.













Archie Comics-Inspired Engagement Photo Shoot [mymodernmet]
Bryan + Anne Cinematic E-Pictorial [jervysantiago]

Thanks to bb, who wants a fairytale themed engagement shoot. Oh reaaaaally? Stableboy, ready my armor and stallion!

  • I can't lie: I love any Riverdale-related news. No clue why, but Archie and the gang is in my top ten list for reading material. Bathroom reading. Wish I was kidding.

    More please, GW.

  • yeeeah i'm going to have to go ahead and say that this was pretty freaking cute. well done guys, i wish you extreme happiness in your marriage

  • I must agree. Only a few marriages I feel like actively rooting for.

  • Reece_C

    I like this idea because I loved Archie comics growing for execution, it could be better. I don't really get why the photographer would have such a hard time setting up these shots. Take the picture then draw in the characters to match the subjects..unless they did it the other way around... but that would be dumb

  • So, this wedding shoot, the ninja one, and the zombie one all had asian chicks in it. Is this a new trend/fantasy amongst asian women?

  • reclusivemoose

    This is cool. Sometimes i photoshop myself and my fleshlight into various hentai.

  • Leo

    Congratulations on the engagement, William Hung.

  • This is really cute!  Love it.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    If this is supposed to take place within the timeline of Archie & company (he first appeared at the end of '41)... shouldn't they be in an internment camp?

    Oh.. and photoshop was used?  I never would have guessed...

  • lorobird

    well, that's pretty racist of you. i guess you feel very smug now about your cleverness. shame it's not cleverness, it's just... racism :S

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I have to respectfully disagree and point out that it is, indeed, both.

    It's most certainly clever since not many people would have come to the realization that both Archie (as a character, the comic company had been around since 1939) and Japanese internment began within mere months of each other... I can't believe how short-sighted it is of you to think that cleverness and racism are mutually exclusive.

    I didn't ever say that I condoned the use of Japanese internment camps.  They were, in fact, one of the most obviously racist acts directly perpetrated by the US government and most likely had no effect on any possible Japanese spies in the US at the time (if there were any) as they were probably sneaky enough to find great places to hide.

    I must finally point out that my comment is only racist if this couple happens to not be of Japanese descent (and I'm fairly sure they aren't)... but I find it unnecessary to apologize for my previous statement as I'm sure the US government didn't make 100% sure all Asian US CITIZENS they rounded up were of Japanese origin.

    In closing: "Everyone's a little bit racist..."

  • Ryan Ong

    It's most certainly clever since not many people would have come to the realization that both Archie (as a character, the comic company had been around since 1939)" - Trivia and information are not the same as being "clever". Attempting to pass it off as intelligence combines the worst traits of a nerd and a douchebag. 

    "Oh.. and photoshop was used?  I never would have guessed..." - And sarcasm to boot, this further suggesting a smart mouthed twat who feels a desperate need to appear smarter than he / she actually is.

    You are not racist do so would damage the façade of depth and intelligence you *believe* you possess. 

  • Emmitt Morgans

    First off, I didn't think I'd ever say this... but I find it somewhat offensive when you say I'm not racist.  I have come to terms with the fact that I do have some primarily subconscious tendencies to discriminate based on race.  While it is something that I try to alleviate more and more each day, I'm mostly glad I'm not one of those people who pretend they are 100% without prejudice... people like that sicken me.

    As for my initial comment being clever...  trivia and information are, indeed, not "clever".  The quick association I made between the two pieces of history/trivia could, debatably, be considered "clever" in some circles... according to the responses it got, apparently it isn't viewed that way around here. Are you going to blast Mr. Scalisi below for his use of the word "clever"?

    Finally, on my potential status as a douchebag/smart-mouthed twat, I'm going to have to resort to some more sarcasm:  wow, name calling, that isn't douchey at all!

    I don't like myself enough to consider myself overly intelligent, but I'm pretty sure I'm smart enough to know when the pot is calling the kettle black. (which, to clarify,  is not intended to be a racist comment... no torches and pitchforks at my front door please)

    Apparently this is what I get for making an offhanded risque comment (merely intended to be marginally funny in a highly inappropriate manner) on the internet...  If you guys are this easily offended, I suggest you don't visit places like 4Chan:  your hearts would probably explode with rage!


    Race is apparently a hot-button topic around here:  I should've just stuck with my original comment and mentioned how the groom's hair reminds me of Butthead.

  • Pascale Laviolette

    Well said. And the groom's hair is totally Butthead.

    All that aside - this concept did not turn out well, I find it off-putting. Some Archie art is done really well, notably the more retro stuff, but this looks too tacky. Mind you, not sure I'd know who to call if I wanted a classy Archie-themed engagement shoot, so given how specific this is, well done.

  • It may have been a little tacky, but that's the epitome of Archie's Adventures. I do not subscribe to those sci-fi titles; but it seems some people dig them.
    Don't even get me started on that Archie Twilight paradody which was...I am still so confused over it. Do I like it, or? Must...resist...

    My point? Oh yeah. It's difficult to make something not tacky related to Archie - not that I am advising a gritty reboot.

  • There were no internment camps in the 50's.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    *Not sure if troll or just stupid*

    ...pretty sure I never mentioned the 50's...
    (and, yes, I realize that the OBVIOUS aesthetic of this photo shoot is based in the 50's given that it was shot at Johnny-freakin-Rocket's)

  • Mark Machado

    Original and well done. Not overly sappy and kind of fun.  I like it.

  • I agree. Thanks for being honest about it. :)

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