Animal Sculptures Created From Shattered CDs

February 23, 2012


Because SOMEBODY had to do SOMETHING with all those unwanted AOL CDs, Australian artist Sean Avery decided to put them to good use creating little animal sculptures (custom ones available on his website for ~$320-$850). Good lookin', Sean. Some artists work in paint, some in clay, and others in light and music. Avery? Avery works in broken CDs. Me? I work in a cramped office with no windows and an officemate who brags about how nasty his gas is.

Hit the jump for more and a link to Sean's website WITH EVEN MORE THAN THAT.






Sean's Website
Cool animal sculptures made from chopped up CDs [dvice]

  • Thanatoslives

    Lets be honest God Voice, - The bragger is you. Isn't it.

  • Jadis

    supper cool. I want one. Or 10

  • Cassandra Mi

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, WOW! I would definitely buy one or more of the bird ones - they would make incredible sun catchers! 

  • Boyofbattle

    really, really cool

  • If I had money I would get one. These are awesome!

  • Melissa Weigel


  • last

  • James Pent


  • Luís Jerónimo


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