AHAHAHAHA!!: 'Twilight' Themed Engagement Shoot

February 23, 2012


This is a Twilight themed engagement shoot by K&K Photography. I'm not really sure what makes it 'Twilight' themed besides 1. being in the woods 2. their outfits and 3. the brooding, uninterested looks on their faces, but I guess that's all it takes. Oh -- and lots of shadows. That said, I bet this relationship lasts. Any guy who's willing to endure a Twilight themed engagement clearly understands the concept of compromise.

Hit the jump for more of the okay, I WOULD be cool with a Princess Bride one.







"Twilight" Inspired Engagement Shoot [bforbel]

Thanks to brittany, who heard Dracula actually hung up his cape in shame and has been pretending to be a zombie ever since this whole Twilight thing caught on.

  • Oh my God her chin.

  • ...why do they look Mormon to me...

  • How did she get him?

  • Rebecca Casto

    Rumer Willis????!!!!

  • Rebecca Casto

    Holy Shit< I seriously thought this was Rumor Willis at first...

  • Ickolith

    She has a massive jaw.

  • mikejackson113

    I liked these, but I agree that the pictures where she's smirking into the camera ruin the set as a whole. She's trying far too hard to be Kristen Stewart/Bella rather than herself, which really kills the whole loving and intimate atmosphere of the shoot. 

  • Kristopher Francois Manwell

    Don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • PumaFace

    I think I just threw up a little.

  • lorobird

    It's also funny how Twilight guy brings out the latent homophobia from most people. Even if most people would not admit to being homophobes.

    Funny. And depressing.

  • lorobird

    Somebody should warn her before she marries a man who is OK with stalking and with constantly "protecting" and "watching over" a passive woman whose only aim in life is to marry him.

    Shudder for lack of empowerment and for creepy.

  • Jadis

    if this wasn't 'twilight' themed, it would be romantic.  But instead it's twitarded. 

  • she ruined the theme when she smiled. everyone knows that stewart girl can only show the poker face expression.

  • I hate Twilight.
    It's sick inducing.

  • JJtoob

    Next Twilight engagement shoot to be done by Blade.

  • Dude.  Run.  Away.

  • Eric Stodolnik

    whatre yall talking about, he looks like the one who suggested it.

  • Guyllaume Maheu

    I'm being sick right now.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    C'mon guys!  The future Mrs. Beard here doesn't look like a cave(wo)man, she just has a mean case of the crazy-eyes... I've seen much worse in the man-jaw department.

  • what a underbite

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