$8K Compressed Air Cars Shipping In August (In India)

February 27, 2012


Want a cheap car that runs on compressed air? Well you're in luck, India's Tata Motors (makers of the world's least expensive car) has announced the MINI Cat will be shipping in August for around $8,200. Unfortunately, you may have to move to India to drive one, because I doubt it'll pass any rigorous vehicle safety standards. *watches neighbor crawl through his passenger-side window because neither door opens* Holy shit.

Mini CAT's top speed is around 60 miles per hour while its range is about 185 miles.

The Mini CAT's body is glued fiberglass, as opposed to welded metal, which makes it extremely lightweight...The Mini CAT uses just one liter of vegetable oil in its tubular chassis, which must be changed every 30,000 miles or so.

Charging and running the Mini CAT costs about one tenth what a gasoline car costs. The car's compressed air tank can be filled at home in three or four hours with its onboard compressor. India will have adapted air compressors at gas stations, which for about 100 rupees or $2.49 can fill your compressed air tank in two - three minutes

Is this even for real? It seems like we should have been on this like, a loooooong time ago. Unless -- UNLESS -- the compressed air tank explodes if someone touches your bumper. Now I just did a whole bunch of research on compressed air cars and their questionable efficiency/sustainability so I could write this article as intelligently as possible, so I'll leave you with this tidbit: I read they can coast on farts if you run out of air between service stations. "Where'd you read that?" On a blog. "Geekologie? So you're quoting yourself now?!" It's not illegal -- people do it all the time!

India's Tata Motors Mini CAT Runs On Air [examiner]

Thanks to taylor and Bradley, who want cars that can run on happy thoughts. Me? I want one that can run on murderous ones. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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