$8K Compressed Air Cars Shipping In August (In India)

February 27, 2012


Want a cheap car that runs on compressed air? Well you're in luck, India's Tata Motors (makers of the world's least expensive car) has announced the MINI Cat will be shipping in August for around $8,200. Unfortunately, you may have to move to India to drive one, because I doubt it'll pass any rigorous vehicle safety standards. *watches neighbor crawl through his passenger-side window because neither door opens* Holy shit.

Mini CAT's top speed is around 60 miles per hour while its range is about 185 miles.

The Mini CAT's body is glued fiberglass, as opposed to welded metal, which makes it extremely lightweight...The Mini CAT uses just one liter of vegetable oil in its tubular chassis, which must be changed every 30,000 miles or so.

Charging and running the Mini CAT costs about one tenth what a gasoline car costs. The car's compressed air tank can be filled at home in three or four hours with its onboard compressor. India will have adapted air compressors at gas stations, which for about 100 rupees or $2.49 can fill your compressed air tank in two - three minutes

Is this even for real? It seems like we should have been on this like, a loooooong time ago. Unless -- UNLESS -- the compressed air tank explodes if someone touches your bumper. Now I just did a whole bunch of research on compressed air cars and their questionable efficiency/sustainability so I could write this article as intelligently as possible, so I'll leave you with this tidbit: I read they can coast on farts if you run out of air between service stations. "Where'd you read that?" On a blog. "Geekologie? So you're quoting yourself now?!" It's not illegal -- people do it all the time!

India's Tata Motors Mini CAT Runs On Air [examiner]

Thanks to taylor and Bradley, who want cars that can run on happy thoughts. Me? I want one that can run on murderous ones. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • timonbergs

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  • Luidavinci

    Dear Geekology, I love your website! Do you know if there have been any updates on the possibility of the air compressed car being sold in the United States? I would love to buy one - even if it means going to India and having it shipped here. Thanks so much!
    Sincerely, Luis Aponte, author of "Death of a Gas Guzzler" (P.S. How do I give you 5 stars for this article?)

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  • ryan.vanostrand

    or a bird

  • ryan.vanostrand

    or a dragon

  • ryan.vanostrand

    u should use a more fuel efficient vehicle like a jeep

  • ryan.vanostrand

    it sucks dont get it... my opinion

  • There are also disadvantages to this as automobile shoppers won't be driving a brand new automobile which has its own appeal. Automobile shoppers ought to even be cautious about selecting the correct vehicle that will suit them.

  • McfeelySmackup

    There's a special place in hell for gullible people who believe everything they read without concern for the source, 10 seconds research, or common sense.

    Tata motors has been bringing a compressed air car to market this year, for the last 6 years.  If this were an american company, the FTC would have destroyed them for market fraud. 

    People are plenty gullible, but the laws of physics aren't.  Compressed air has an energy density that is a fraction of gasoline, unless you get into tens of thousands of PSI...which is fantastically unsafe and just plain hard to do.

    People like lorobird are the biggest part of the problem.  They wear their ignorance as a badge of honor, looking down their nose at people who live in the real world, instead of their green conspiracy theory fantasy one.  

    Also, let me just point out what should be obvious.  The car companies and gasoline companies are DIFFERENT COMPANIES.  A car that doesn't burn gas would DOMINATE the auto market, making the manufacturer fantastically wealthy...but we're supposed to believe that they choose not to because they're protecting the oil companies?  That is just retarded.

  • mrrgl

    Another magical air car that defies the laws of physics?  Where do I invest?!

    I challenge you to present any kind of reference proving that Tata is actually claiming to be bringing this to market.  

  • KLanD

    Build a slightly bigger vehicle, bump the top speed and distance up a bit and this really isn't a bad idea.

  • atoml3omb

    My car shall run on lazers *pew pew* (and hopes and dreams)

  • lorobird

    Green tech has been around for a long, long time. It is just not profitable for certain multinational giants, because oil brings enormous revenue. Just imagine if every single consumer in the world stopped paying for gasoline and got this car. So much money un-spent, and un-won!

    It's capitalism, friends. And it's destroying our planet.

  • $18889437

    First.... and foremost I'd like to say $2.49 is not THAT much cheaper than gas. Plus the electricity it takes to run a compressor (or recharge your hybrid) comes from plants that run on coal and fossil fuel so it's just some feel-good nonsense.

    (See how I snuck in that first... brilliant right? I know....)

  • DomPearceDesign

     Though said electricity usage would, I'm assuming, cause slightly less carbon emissions than individually burning petroleum byproducts. Multiply that difference across a large consumer base, the reduction will undoubtedly be significant. Using these vehicles in a nation like, say, Scotland, that produces a high percentage of it's electricity via hydroelectric generators, and the reduction in emissions increases again.

    One serious down side with compressed air vehicles that *has* been noted is exactly the same as electric ones, unlike fossil fuels you do not get the same amount of energy from the last traces in the tank as the first. As your fuel reserves run down, performance will be effected dramatically. That, unfortunately, is one way burning fuels (such as Petroleum or Hydrogen) has an advantage over other propulsion methods.

  • lorobird

     Also: electricity can be produced in environmentally-friendly ways. If the government decides to do so.

    But again, who would profit from cheaply produced energy that is difficult to speculate with (because air, tides, rivers and the sun are not scarce)? Ah. Of course. Not profitable, not promoted by our governments.

    Real world problems are not feel-good nonsense. The bubble you live in is.

  • Kyle M

    185 miles a TANK at $2.50 a TANK = 74 miles per dollar

    Lets say 40 mpg (which I think is being generous...) and $3.50 per gallon = 11.42 miles per dollar

    74 divided by 11.42= 6.47

    Multiply that by 100 to get the percentage and you find that you will go 647% farther per dollar in a compressed air car. 

    Seems cheaper to me....

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