55,000-LED Light Castle Looking Cathedral Thingy

February 2, 2012


The headline: I let my little sister write this one. Just kidding, it was me but I figured I'd cover my bases in case you thought I was dumb. "You are." I am so stupid. This is the 55,000 LED light 'Luminarie De Cagna' built in Ghent, Belgium to celebrate the 2012 Light Festival. To celebrate my 2012 Light Festival? I waved a lighter around until the drapes caught fire. That said, Belgium's Light Festival sounds like a great place to do drugs. Joking -- I'm not actually allowed to do drugs any more, my doctor ordered. "Your doctor, or the court?" Oh you're good -- you're REAL good. Sell me some clean urine?

Hit the jump for a couple more shots, my favorite of which is last.




A Cathedral Made from 55,000 LED Lights [thisiscollosal]
Giant LED cathedral wows with 55,000 lights [dvice]

Thanks to Robert, who used to go to one of those mega-churches before opting for a mini one instead. Um, Robert? That's a shoebox.

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