Zombie-Hunting Assault Rifle With Chainsaw Bayonet

January 25, 2012


This isn't the first time we've seen a chainsaw bayonet on a rifle, but it is the first time we've seen a commercially available one specifically for zombie slaying. Introducing the DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47. It means business. Me? I mean pleasure.

The DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 is a weapon specially customized to battle zombie hordes by attaching a battery-charged chainsaw to the end of the barrel, as well as a EOTech Zombie Stopper XPS2-Z Holographic Sight which puts a biohazard symbol on your target instead of the classic red dot. DoubleStar hasn't announced when or if this will go on sale, but its less fancy DSC Zombie Slayer predecessor sells for $1,249.99, so the Zombie-X is likely to be a bit pricier.

So I've been thinking about it, and I've decided I don't really want to live through a zombie apocalypse. It would be a long, hard, fight -- and for what? Hoping that after it's all over you can repopulate the planet with the one chick that survived? What if she's ugly? What if no chicks survive and it's just you and a buddy? Would you be willing to take one for the team and repopulate the planet with him? "How is that even possible?" Well they're not gonna kill all the storks!

Hit the jump for a brief demo of the I'm tired of fighting, I'm just gonna throw myself into a volcano.

The last zombie gun you'll ever need comes with a real chainsaw [dvice]

Thanks to cancan, who plans on blasting himself into outerspace as soon as the outbreak begins. Any extra room your rocketship? I'll take turns driving.

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  • Looks nice and all, but I kinda doubt it to be very useful and effective!

  • WTF if they want to use something as useless as a battery powered chainsaw why don't they get a friggen grenade launcher *implying you don't mind running around blowing yourself up and getting the zombie shit on you* or a foregrip or even a silencer!

  • The sad thing is:  THIS IS NOT A TOY... 

  • JonathanMaberry

    Good lord. I think I need to have this.

  • DFCtomm

    Puny, low torque motor,  I don't imagine it would be very good. Hmmm.........but zombies have soft decayed flesh.

  • excellent point.

  • I dont understand the sight on the side of the rifle. And like the others here said, why use a chain saw?

  • the EO-Tech on the side is so you can rotate the firearm 90 degrees and not spray your partner with hot brass. also its difficult to see iron sights on an AK sometimes when you have certain quad rails... its a really good idea even if it is a bit funky lookin :)

  • GodsAdvised

    Battery powered? are you kidding me?...I bet this thing couldn't get through 1 skull without jamming up or running out of power. What a waste.

  • Nick Huddleston

    have you seen what a remote control helicopter does to a human hand if you put it in the rotors? look it up, and those are plastic or carbon fiber blades. 

  •  There are plenty of decent battery/electric chainsaws out there.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a gas guy myself.  The real issue is that the motor they have moving the chain sounds like it's barely sized to run an RC car, let alone a chain with any kind of cutting power.

    As a weapons-mounted novelty goes, this is pretty cute, but at $1,300+ there's no way anyone in their right minds would buy one.

    Take half that money and go buy a Stihl.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    It's really more of a Thanksgiving tool... How effective would a battery powered chainsaw really be against hoards of zombies? And a bottle opener on the business end, who's bright idea was that?

  • I don't think a chainsaw would be very effective against zombies. It would work great at first, but after a few uses it'd get all gummed up with flesh.

    Plus, wouldn't it spray the diseased flesh all over you, getting into your mouth and eyes and turning you into a zombie anyway?

  • *puts on full-face scuba mask, grabs mini-squeege, revs weak electric motor, laughs at your stupidity*

  • booya

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