You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: Eyeball Fence Piercings

January 10, 2012


Note: Consider this a sort of retroactive 'picture is graphic' warning.

I I mean, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Brobro better pray the faux toughguy look is enough to keep him out of a fight, because he takes one punch to the face and he's losing both of those f***ing eyeballs.

Why Would You Do This To Your Face? [buzzfeed]

Thanks to My Parents Loved Me, who -- I see what you did there!

  • asdfadfsadsfadsfadsf

    protects his eyes like a helmet's visor...too bad they aren't anchored into something tougher than eyelid skin

  • Anon

    he can never be surprised again....

  • agatha

    Omg!!!!!! -_-

  • Ed Fritz

    Does he actually think this improves his looks...and intellect? Don't really see girls going, "Oh wow!!! Isn't he cute with those eye fence spikes...I can't wait to see what he did to his dick. Something like that on his pecker would feel sooooo good in me...And, he looks so intelligent and successful, too."

  • Wtf .. . ... ... looks painful .. ... . . ... ... ..

  • Dumbass.

  • Derick D Brown

    He should be...barred from driving like this; it's a major visual obstruction.

  • Dude spent way too many hours watching the 3 Stooges movies —thinking REAL hard...

  • I wanna punch him so bad just to see what happens!

  • Brandon

    That guy looks like my brother.

  • Guest

    *pulls out neodymium magnet* *smiles ever so deviously*

  • MikeakaDiabolic

    My name is Mike and I work for Chico's Marked 4 Life in Miami, FL as a licensed piercer. I am the guy in this picture and I self pierced. I had an idea and gave it a try without taking the risk on a client. The piercings were taken out after a series of pictures were taken. 

  • When I saw this I was at awww & still can not stop looking at this... because I cam not get over how much this looks like my hubby. But he does not have any piercings. This is crazy.

  • BZ Douglas

    If you find anyone who wants this done, take as much money from them as you can, because they're clearly a-tarded, and not in the sympathetic way.

  •  Personally, coming from a fellow alt lifestyler, I am happy that you're willing to try something on yourself before willing to try it on a client.  Point in your favor and if my cousin in FL want a piercing I'm sending her your way.

  • Shaun9lives

    I always think it's funny when people (usually guys) get facial piercings then try to act tough.  If you like them, fine, but they only make you more vulnerable, so posing tough about it is stupid.  Just imagine how easily and severely this guy would be fukt up if he got in a fight, entered a mosh pit, or engaged in any sport or outdoor activity without the benefit of a helmet and ballistic goggles.

  • They said I could be anything, so now I'm a fence!

  • If theres ever a fight against this guy, it is the persons duty to record.
    Lemme see those fence pailings ripped out, FUUUUUU-

  • Guess he wants to get used to looking at life from behind bars.

  • [Puts sunglasses on] YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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