You're Square: 80-Miles Per Charge Boxx Electric Bike

January 30, 2012


This is the $4,000 Boxx electric bike. It's 120 pounds, 36-inches long, gets 80-miles to a charge, can reach break-neck speeds up to 35MPH, carry riders up to 300-lbs, and looks nothing like a TRON light cycle. If you think it looks like a TRON light cycle you are either 1) blind or 2) only see what you want to see. You're probably so delusional that you think you drive a Lamborghini to work, don't you? "I really do though!" Really? Let me see the keys. Just as I suspected -- a bus pass.

Hit the jump for some color options, but no worries -- I went to the official site and they do come in pink and purple also.


Official Product Site
Boxx Electric Bike is as Small as Basic Transportation Gets [technabob]

Thanks to Alan82, who I suspect was either A) born in 1982 or B) from the longest-running family of Alans EVER.

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