Your Bank Sucks: ATM Dispenses Dead Mouse

January 30, 2012


Inb4 'at least the ATM cat killed it first'.

A man visiting his daughter in Sweden recently made a withdrawal at a supermarket ATM and got a special surprise at the end: a mouse! Sadly, it was dead and not part of a "pet with every transaction" promo. *yelling at Wells Fargo* FREE GERBILS OR I'M SWITCHING BANKS.

..."I got my 700 kronor but I never got the receipt. At the same time, I saw a cord that was jamming the ATM slot."

...He thought somebody may be trying to do something illegal, so he tried to pull the cord. He then realized it was a mouse tail.

He ran to the supermarket's customer service people and asked for help. They told him that the ATM was not their responsibility but the guys in charge of the shopping carts offered their help. One of them was finally able to take out the whole mouse: "he took out the mouse. His head was intact although a little bit bloody. Then I got my receipt."

No word if this is just part of a 'Wendy's chili-finger' hoax to sue for money, but it's a pretty bad one if it is (you should've gone with a severed peen!). Besides, it did still give brobro his money. I never withdraw anything but 'UNAVAILABLE FUNDS' slips. It's really embarrassing on dates.

ATM Gives Out Dead Mouse [gizmodo]

Thanks to sabrina and Joe, who don't use ATMs because they're afraid of identity theft. Me? I don't use public toilets because I'm afraid of touching the inside of the bowl with my wiener.

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