You Paid For That?!: DC Comics Gets A New Logo

January 17, 2012


DC Comics recently applied for a trademark for a new logo and this is it (plus all its previous logos). It's supposed to look like a D that peels back to reveal a C, and was designed so it could be animated at the beginning of movies, cartoons etc. Apparently it will be in color too but that still doesn't stop it from sucking. It's just so...lackluster. Personally, I would have gone with a closeup of a pair of ridiculously proportioned superheroine knockers with nipples shaped like a D and C. "Jesus, GW -- you're a marketing genius!" I really am. Plus like, waaaaaay into titties.

A Designer's Take on DC Comics/Entertainment's New Logo [wired]

Thanks to Robert, who has some serious opinions about the new logo and wasn't afraid to share them with me but I was afraid to listen. He's a screamer and it was scary.

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