You Paid For That?!: DC Comics Gets A New Logo

January 17, 2012


DC Comics recently applied for a trademark for a new logo and this is it (plus all its previous logos). It's supposed to look like a D that peels back to reveal a C, and was designed so it could be animated at the beginning of movies, cartoons etc. Apparently it will be in color too but that still doesn't stop it from sucking. It's just so...lackluster. Personally, I would have gone with a closeup of a pair of ridiculously proportioned superheroine knockers with nipples shaped like a D and C. "Jesus, GW -- you're a marketing genius!" I really am. Plus like, waaaaaay into titties.

A Designer's Take on DC Comics/Entertainment's New Logo [wired]

Thanks to Robert, who has some serious opinions about the new logo and wasn't afraid to share them with me but I was afraid to listen. He's a screamer and it was scary.

  • Namnoot

    Because I haven't so much as looked at a DC title since I abandoned DC with the reboot I honestly didn't even notice the new logo until recently. It sucks, but what can you do. You know a logo is a fail when you have to incorporate a translation, which is what's being done with this one. I don't see this one becoming as iconic as the bullet. But logos are easier to fix. I'm finding out that I'm far from the only longtime DC fan who quit with their reboot: that is something a new logo isn't going to repair.

  • I think its peel back the cover to reveal something else entirely i.e. superheroes. Sends a clear message that will resonate with the greater population.

  • Azariel_z

    Some people liked , some people don't.. my only problem is that "3D" page turn...  
    Some people claim they are designer and that is a clever idea, but I dare you to look at that logo 10 eyars from now and not see the damned Photoshop  "bevel" effect and all those reflective 3D cut out spheres that populated "clever" logos from 90's...

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Whacko and MisterK pretty much nailed it.
    The rest of you fail at graphic design.

  • See my response to MisterK.  In addition, the new logo is interesting, and I get the whole page turning thing, but again if the general public are confused by it, then its not a good logo.

  • MisterK

    You're all stupid. And James, your avatar sucks. This is a good logo. And yes... I'm a designer. I didn't do this one, but I wouldn't mind if I did.

  • Here's the problem; if you create a brilliant logo, which appeals to "real" graphic designers or whomever, but fails to resonate with your Average Joe, then you have in fact failed.

  • MisterK

    But I think it will appeal to people. Discussion on the Internet is misleading because people have a tendency to by cynical or they want to appear discerning. People complain about design by committee and then sign petitions to get logos changed back not seeing the irony in the Internet being the world's largest committee. Design changes over time and you have to be on the front of a trend so your logo doesn't appear dated in a few years. The previous logo was very obviously a child of the 90s and a different direction for the company.

    If you hold this and all previous DC logos up to the new Batman movies, this is clearly more representative of the realistic and serious tone they are taking; a direction, I should add that is far more successful than the "whiz bang" comics many Internet critics are suggesting DC pay homage to.

  • Christopher B


  • Russ Ebert

    I think it's great - simple, distinctive and relates to the product.

  • McfeelySmackup

    Where are all the usual incorrectly pedantic fanboys insisting we stop saying "DC Comics" because "DC stands for Detective Comics".   It's the company name, deal with it.

  • As a graphic designer, I can tell you that this new logo is full of FAIL!

  • whacko

    This is actually a pretty clever logo, and definitely an improvement over the previous version with the oval swoop. The new logo contains the letters D & C and give the impression of turning a page to reveal something new, which is core to the DC experience.

    My only criticism is that it isn't as direct or impactful as the classic DC Seal (DC logo in a circle with 4 stars).

  • Guest

    That logo is better fitting to a modern sticker company. Now when they were reviewing logo choices....was there just these two?! long as they don't do something horrible to the Dark Horse Comic's logo (like little pony whatever) I'm happy.

  • That's stupid.

  • No. NO. N-O.

  • Eric Webster

    Been a long time DC fan - since the late 1960's - but this is just plain bad.

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