You Better Not Cause My Page To Crash: Girlfriends Cosplaying As Different Internet Browsers

January 12, 2012


This is a group of ladyfriends cosplaying as various internet browsers. As you can see, each one is pretty much the perfect personification of their particular browser. "Internet Explorer looks cross-eyed." Right, like I said.

No Wonder Internet Explorer Girl Looks So Depressed [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to MLA, who can browse my intrawebs anyday. I don't even know what that means but I'll let you do it.

  • JJtoob

    I'd have a threesome with Firefox and Chrome. Mmm mm mmmm, the plug-ins I would install on you ladies... don't worry, I'll wear a pop-up blocker and promise I won't be finished in a Flash, I've got enough resources for the two of you. Rawwwr!

  • lynzie aus

    now that's a fireFOX, ammiright, whew

  • Sean

    How did internet explorer manage to get off her wheel chair?

  • All they are missing is a angry looking chick hiding in the background dress up like the Netscape.

  • Cute idea. See how IE is holding chrome back? (like not letting it run after the last update?) So accurate.

  • Thomas Taylor

    Firefox is super hot. Don't care about the browser, just the hottie.

  • jkmmkj

    I've censored the following, in protest of a bill that gives any corporation and the US government the power to censor the internet--a bill that could pass THIS WEEK. To see the uncensored text, and to stop internet censorship, visit: 

    ████ █████ ████ ████████ for ██████ █████ to █████ ████████. ████ █████ ████ ████ ███████ if you've ████ ███████ █████. ████ █████ ████ ██████ █████, not IP ███████, so ██████ █████'t ████ ███████ at all, ████ █████ the ███████ of ████. ████ ████ ████ ███████ ████████, ███████ the ██████ ██████ █████████████ ███████, and is bad for ████████ ████████ and █████████. ------- ████ is an ███████ in ████ you █████'t █████ ██████: Wal-████ ████ a ███████ of ██████ ████ on ███████ ███████ ██████████. ████ ███████ ███████ and ████ the █████ ███████. ████ ████, ███████ ████ ████ all of ███████ ████. ████ and ████ ██████ ██████████, ████ ████ █████ ██████ ██████████, and █████████ ███████ of ██████. ████ is not ████ ███████, it is ████████████████. ████ ███████ ████. █████ you for ██████ the ████ to ████ ████.

  • Shelbon

    Safari looks like a hipster (sort of), IE looks retarded, Chrome looks like a track runner, and Firefox looks slutty. I think that's an accurate human depiction of the browsers. Maxthon is that gourd on the mantle in the background.

  • Mandy86

    I love Geekologie, but posts like this make me think "wtf". These are just girls wearing different coloured shirts. This is something I should see on a friend's Facebook page, not Geekologie.

  • Shaun9lives

    So is the girl on the left Mac's spinning pinwheel of death?  That doesn't make sense.  Shouldn't she be Safari instead?

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Hmm, yeah. Having her dress up as a compass would've been a bit difficult though, no? I'm glad to see that they (quite correctly) chose the sexiest girl to represent Safari, though.

  • Shaun9lives

    It wouldn't have been that hard to get a compass printed on a t-shirt.  Besides, it doesn't make sense.  The pinwheel has nothing to do with the browser.  I can use Chrome or Firefox on a Mac and get the pinwheel, or use Safari on a PC and not get it.  

  • JJtoob

    The rainbow pinwheel of death is more of a Mac thing in general, but being that Safari was pretty slow the last time I had the misfortune of using it, I think it is appropriate.

  • Leonidas Argidisouvlaki

    Meh... at least we can agree on using Safari, so let's just call a truce and go to lunch.

  • lizzardx

    I was expecting a safari hat.

  • Doug Eldridge

    I came.

  • Antonio Carvalho

    Poor cross-eyed IE

  • Lucas Matthäus

    IE is a little derpy.

  • i use chrome, Y U so ugly?

  • ScottNobles

    Is Internet Explorer cross-eyed? 

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