Yes!: Poster-Size Prints Of You Riding A Dinosaur

January 19, 2012


Want a poster-size print of yourself riding a dinosaur? Of course you do, it's like every child's grown man's dream. Well it is mine at least. And now thanks to Dinoprints, you won't have to do the Photoshopping yourself! $50 gets a 24" x 36" print of yourself riding a t-rex, spinosaurus or wooly mammoth, with more dinosaur options on the way. You just take a picture of yourself in the proper straddling pose, upload it, and Dinoprints takes care of the rest. "You're gonna make it look like you're banging one, aren't you?" Pfft -- please. I'm gonna make it look like I'm banging two.

Hit the jump for a gallery of the possibilities. You can even use a pet!






Dinoprints Official Site

Thanks to Lauren S. and Kathryn, who agree this really is the gift that keeps on giving year round.

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