Yeah You Did: Man Robs Gas Station To Buy X-Box

January 26, 2012


Seen here looking pretty much exactly like you'd imagine, 18-year old going on 40 Dustin "My other chin gets its own mugshot" Ferguson was recently arrested after robbing a Chevron gas station to buy an X-Box. What the?! You should have at least gone with an Exxon -- their gas is always a few cents higher!

"He was wearing a brown coat and red bandana over his face. He entered the business and gave clerk a note saying, 'I have a gun, give me your money,'" said Clearfield Assistant Police Chief Mike Stenquist.

No gun was actually seen.

Based on a tip, police were able to identify the man. They found him Tuesday at his grandmother's house in Layton, Stenquist said.

"(He told officers) he was sick and tired of not having any money and wanted an XBox and felt that was the quickest way to get money," he said.

Or you could have, I dunno, GOTTEN A F***ING JOB YOU @$$HOLE. You think I want to wake up at 6AM and work my brain to the bone everyday? Hellllllll no (plus I'm on parole and I ain't going back to the clink).

Man robs store to buy XBox, says tired of being broke [ksl]

Thanks to Aaron and Naterade, who only steal women's hearts. not very emotionally responsible of you two.

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