Wow, That Sucked: First Video Uploaded To Youtube

January 13, 2012


That's the problem: people don't wait until they have something WORTH posting.

This is the first video ever uploaded to Youtube by one of the website's co-founders on April 23, 1955 2005. a giant turd. I really think it set a precedent for the 99.9% of videos on Youtube that suck ass and never should have been uploaded in the first place. *banging head on keyboard* WHY COULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN A CAT VIDEO?!

Hit the jump for why elephants are so interesting. SPOILER: It's their trunks!

This Was the First Video Ever Uploaded to YouTube [gizmodo]

Thanks to Liz, who agrees the best video on Youtube would be some jackass doing something stupid and hurting himself while a cute kitten reacts. OMG YES!

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