Woopsie Doopsie: Naked Man In Kid's Fashion Ad

January 5, 2012


This is a screenshot from French clothing retailer La Redoute's website advertising kid's t-shirts. Aaaaaaaaaand they used a product shot with a dude's wiener in it. I even found a closeup HERE because I know you're a pervert!

The image, which appeared for several hours on its website today, showed a group of four children running on the sand.

But, in the background, a naked man can clearly be seen wading behind them up the sea-shore.

Web users spotted the 'faux pas', which has since been taken down, and immediately took to Twitter to poke fun at the clothing company.

Admittedly, I don't really think it's that big a deal. I mean, Europeans are WAY COOLER with nakedness than we are here in the United States of Embarrassment. Especially France. I just assumed naked wieners were a fact of life over there. "You're going to vacation there, aren't you?" I dunno, what's my ticket say? "One-way." *wink*

Hit the jump for a video zoom-in of the man's dongle in case you just can't get enough.

French fashion chain in massive faux pas as naked bather turns up online in advert for children's clothes [dailymail]
Sur LaRedoute.fr, « On ose ! » [pcimpact]

Thanks to Arthur and Sim, who agree sex might sell, just NOT KID'S CLOTHING.

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