Oh The Humanity!: Geekologie Reader's Ex-Wife Dumps Entire Star Wars Toy Collection In Alley

January 9, 2012


A Geekologie Reader, who will remain anonymous but who I will now refer to as Jilted Jedi because I've always wanted to pretend I was Dear Abby, had his entire Star Wars toy collection haphazardly dumped in the alley behind his house by his ex-wife, who may or may yes be a evil Sith lord. Which -- let me see that lightsaber. Haha, red -- I KNEW IT!

There were about 10 black trash bags with carded figures stuffed into them 400-500 of them! Good thing the weather was cooperative and I was quick enough on the scene to detour the smokers in the alley.

Can you believe the nerve?! Those toys should've only been handled by a mover specializing in the relocation of collectibles. Instead they got the trashbag treatment. Ex-wives: they hated your collection long before the divorce.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the carnage.


Thanks to ******, who hopefully finds himself a Princess Leia worthy of sharing such a fine toy collection with.

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