Oh The Humanity!: Geekologie Reader's Ex-Wife Dumps Entire Star Wars Toy Collection In Alley

January 9, 2012


A Geekologie Reader, who will remain anonymous but who I will now refer to as Jilted Jedi because I've always wanted to pretend I was Dear Abby, had his entire Star Wars toy collection haphazardly dumped in the alley behind his house by his ex-wife, who may or may yes be a evil Sith lord. Which -- let me see that lightsaber. Haha, red -- I KNEW IT!

There were about 10 black trash bags with carded figures stuffed into them 400-500 of them! Good thing the weather was cooperative and I was quick enough on the scene to detour the smokers in the alley.

Can you believe the nerve?! Those toys should've only been handled by a mover specializing in the relocation of collectibles. Instead they got the trashbag treatment. Ex-wives: they hated your collection long before the divorce.

Hit the jump for one more shot of the carnage.


Thanks to ******, who hopefully finds himself a Princess Leia worthy of sharing such a fine toy collection with.

  • Seeing Star Wars awesome-ness in trash bags nearly gave me a heart attack. No wonder she is his ex-wife, she is insane.

  • Guest

    Here's a handy ill will idea - dye her hair green and style it like a troll.

  • patbb

    she knew but expected he would grow out of it eventually.

    like the boys eventually loses the Oedipus complex.
    not expecting him to lose the collection would be paramount to expecting him to not develop and mature normally.

  • patbb


    cmon now if you are married it's time to get rid of the toys.

    this is where this stuff belong. In the junk yard.

    let it go bro, free yourself.

  • JonTheTerrible

    Yes, because your ex-woman needs more useful things like 15 fucking hand-bags and other overpriced accessories. Seriously...get your priorities straight, bro.

    How about you women worry about whatever bullshit floats your boat and let men find enjoyment where they can. Contrary to what you may believe, the sign of a mature man has nothing to do with wanting to do everything that YOU want to do.

    It really comes down to the fact that most women hate when a man finds enjoyment in something totally unrelated to their woman.

  • Haha go figures this story would blow up. Are geekologie comments BACK?!

  • Closet Nerd

    And what a bitch!  He should kick her in her testicles!

    It's been too long since I've visited the comment section of Geekologie.... like it!
    ...... just sayin

  • Fire on here!

  • mikejackson113

    My first reaction was "OMG! That's awful!"  My second reaction was "What's the rest of the story behind this?" 

    How much you want to bet that this guy's ex was nagging him for weeks or months that he needs to get the rest of his stuff from her apartment and to stop using her as a free storage space? When he kept dragging his feet at actually getting his stuff, she finally said "get it now or I'll throw it all away", then actually did it when he never actually came to pick any of it up. Then the only reason he actually came to get any of it was because she told him it was all in the back alley.  Who knows? Maybe there were issues concerning the purchasing of said toys, like him not paying bills and only spending money on his collectibles rather than actually doing stuff for the both of them. My point here is that this guy could have been the one who was more at fault in all of this and we're just automatically taking his side because he likes Star Wars.

    It wasn't nice of her to dump it all in the back, but it was incredibly stupid of him to leave all of that in his ex's house. That she's an ex-wife tells me that this stuff was probably at her place for an extended period of time, which makes it even more stupid. Storage units might be expensive, but it's worth it because then you aren't at the mercy of an ex and your stuff is less likely to well, be dumped in an alley where anything could happen to it.

  • M. Guy

    As a person who recently broke up with a hoarder, I can tell you this is a fairly likely scenario. Fortunately, we were renting, so I just took my stuff and moved out and left him and his crap in place. lol. The poor woman there, he's probably lucky she didn't set his pile of plastic junk on fire!!!

  • TheBman

    dude just divorce the bitch and make her pay for all of it as part of the divorce settlement...

  • JJ

    I can't believe this! Why???  All I can say is...(ahem) .."Noooooooooo...." =P

  • He shouldn't have married a woman like that.

  • a99kitten

    As a girl and the Star Wars collector in the house, that beeyotch has to be sent to the Sarlaac Pit,.

  • dillerberry

    @lorobird, please come back home if you read this. Mama is worried sick about you.

  • Daniel H Robbins

    None of those look vintage = highly suspect of the word "collectible" ... 

  • But... those aren't even the GOOD Star Wars toys.  He should be glad she cleaned out his junk.  One original Millennium Falcon is probably worth more than the entire pile.

  • Seriously, Jilted Jedi, give me a call. I'm into it.

  • lorobird

    In any case, he probably deserved it. If my partner filled my house with this amount of junk, I would also divorce him and throw the junk away. Then spit on it and set it on fire and record it and post it on his wall on Facebook.

  • MrGutts

    Third Degree Arson? That would be good for your Ex, being you just provided the evidence to convict yourself. 

    Then you can be on http://www.trutv.com/shows/...

  • cocoa

    oh no she dit-int!

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