Way Too Sticky: A Spider-Man Themed Bathroom

January 5, 2012


OMG, somebody shat bricks for real -- AND MISSED!

This is a Spider-Man themed bathroom (more pictures after the jump) constructed by Riley Replicas for a friend. Because that's what friends are for: making superhero themed bathrooms. Plus putting down to make you feel better about yourself!

I had a friend who wanted to decorate a room in her house for her husband who is a HUGE Spider-man fan so I made this wall panel for the room. I went with a faux brick wall theme with Spideys villains bursting through the wall! I have The Sandman, The Lizard, Doc Ock and The Green Goblin represented.

Just wanted to add pics of the wall installed in the customers....bathroom! Pretty unusual place but I think it turned out OK

First of all, my cat pointed out that the mess from Sandman punching through the wall kinda looks somebody blasted the wall with diarrhea. Hey -- his meows not mine. Secondly, don't ever use a restroom after Spider-Man. He shoots webs out of his you-know-what. Don't ask me how I know but it's because I followed him into the bathroom once and peeked over the urinal divider. Next thing you know, FSSSSSHH! -- I'm web-cuffed to a hand dryer. Dammit Spidey, curiosity ain't a crime!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots (some prior to installation) including some Doctor Octopus pincers flying out the wall that would make it all but impossible to pee.









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Thanks to Gerry, who agrees the best theme for a bathroom is cleanliness.

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