WHO CARES?: Another Geeks Vs. Nerds Infographic

January 4, 2012


Note: Infographic has been cut for the main page, see the entire long-ass thing after the jump.

Because apparently some people pleasure themselves to infographics the way normal people like you or I would to dino p0rn, here's another geeks vs. nerds one (even crappier earlier version HERE). I looked at it for all of six seconds before realizing if you spend your time trying to properly classify people as geeks vs. nerds then YOU ARE A F***ING DORK. Geekologie Writer: Keeper of the Real since 2007.

Hit the jump for the whole mind-numbing graphic.

Geeks vs Nerds

Geeks vs Nerds [mastersinit]
Geek vs. Nerd: The Infographic[geeksaresexy]

Thanks to Liz, who fancies herself an individual. An individual -- LOL. WE'RE ALL COGS IN THE MACHINE, LIZ!

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