Washing Machine Eats Brick, Dies Painful Death

January 30, 2012


Note: Video is a MUST WATCH.

Sure we've all seen the video of the washing machine committing assisted suicide with the help of a brick, and even the anthropomorphized version, but this one -- man, this one is SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY. That first washer gave up too easy, but this guy -- he isn't quite ready to go yet. He fights till the end and even requires a second brick to finally break his spirit. That said, WHO GOES AND DESTROYS A PERFECTLY GOOD WASHING MACHINE? Because I live in an apartment and have to share the same three washers with like forty other disgusting-ass f***ers. You think they don't shit their pants and then wash them in the same machine as my boxers? *please say no, please say no, please so no* "Of course they do." FUFUFUFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Lights Out [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to harry m., the Quaalude King and Joshua, who once videotaped a brick in a dishwasher with less than than blockbuster results. Shocking.

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  • Why are you doing this? It’s really a foolish thing which
    you have done. Science & technology makes this type of things only to make
    human life easy not for wasting.

  • MightyFrost

    At some point after 1:00 it sounded like it was about to fucking take off.

  • dlb

    Why are my ears bleeding?

  • down_grunger

    aww, r.i.p mr hotpoint. your washing angel wings now.

  • It's like.. the more you throw in, the more angry it gets.. ene;

  • Watching that made me sad :( It was like the washer was thinking "YOU WILL NOT BREAK ME!!!!" and then the guy throws in the 2nd brick :((((

  • Sanjeev Ananthan

    Like the Terminator...it never stops!!!!

  • thatcando

    what did they throw in at the end?  a cat?

  • I know people think its wasteful, but that machine had been dropped off the tailgate of a truck and damaged permanently. all of the spare parts were stripped and sold to fund other projects 

  • jaime_arg

    I was a bit disturbed by this, I felt sorry for the machine.
    Also I think it was a coil, not a brick, that the guy added.

  • Choke coil from a Daikin Inverter AC unit at first, then another washer motor around 3:40 :D

  • It looks like a cat if you pause it. Poor kitty. :(

  • jaime_arg

    now you know how I feel when people make videos destroying ipods, iphones and ipads.

  • I have the weirdest boner right now.

  • Chris J Vaughan


  • Guest

    I do wonder how the robut (from Robut Chicken) will react to this?

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