'Up' IRL: Two Teens Send LEGO Minifig To 80,000 Feet

January 26, 2012


17-year old Canadian twelfth graders Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad recently sent a LEGO minifig to 80,000-feet (~15 miles/24km/not really outerspace but still really damn high) with a weather balloon, and this is the video to prove it. The young men spent $400 and four months of Saturdays planning the minifig's journey, but somehow managed to send him up without a helmet. You killed him! Besides that though, good lookin. Me? I've never sent anything anywhere. "But I thought you used to have that pen-pal in prison?" I don't want to talk about him.

Hit the jump for a video of Buzz Legoyear's journey in action.

Toronto teens send Lego man on an a balloon odyssey 24 kilometres high [thestar]

Thanks to Pesche, DanQ, koffey and dean, who have all tried launching He-Men into outerspace but wound up breaking neighbor's windows instead. Yeaaaaaaaah, a slingshot isn't gonna cut it, guys.

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