TV's 'Community' Stars As X-Men Characters

January 17, 2012


While I continue to run around like a headless chicken before finally collapsing and meeting my maker (it's probably gonna turn out to be a f***ing robot!), here are the stars of the CBS NBC show 'Community' reimagined as X-Men characters by artist Aviv Or. Pretty spot-on, right? I thought so. Be sure to check out the link to the artist's website for an individual picture of each character in case you're having trouble rubbing one out to Joel McHale as Cyclops without Professor Creepystare's face right next to his package.

Artist's Website

Thanks to Annie's Boobs, who can apparently type now. Mine? Mine just sag and grow hair.

  • Hayson

    Oh God. Emma Frost

  • The only thing I don't like of this is Chang as Nightcrawler.... Nightcrawler rocks and Chang is creapy...

  • Matthew Kamm

    This is very nearly the best thing ever.  I especially like Annie as Shadowcat, with Annie's Boobs (that's the monkey's name) as Lockheed.

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