There Can Be Only One: Alien Vs Predator Chess Set

January 10, 2012


This is a custom Alien vs. Predator chess set loathingly lovingly crafted by DeviantARTist Joker-laugh (aka Francis Gray). Weird, because we've already seen a picture of the two playing chess together HERE. There can be only one -- who will win? SPOILER: Neither *flips board, stomps pieces* OW -- OW OW OW! "You're a f***ing idiot." I thought I had shoes on!

Hit the jump for some closeups.




Francis' DeviantART
Scifi Fellow Makes a Custom Aliens vs. Predator Chess Set [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Ripley (like, THE Ripley?!) and Josh, who prefer checkers because it's less complicated. OMG -- same! *licking couch*

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  • Azariel_z

    yeah, but whats up with the Immortal beheading touch 

  • Audwin Short

    Uh, okay, that's interesting. But what's even MORE interesting is Erica Durance dressed as Wonder Woman!!!...

    Shortwave Industries:  Where Erica Durance is all kinds of awesome...

  • That is cheesy

  • This is what we call a masterpiece! :D I'd love to have this at home. Hehe. :D

  • Danny

    that's pretty cool. It would be cool if he added a third set of pieces. Marines/humans would be an awesome alternate as well. You could have all the characters from the first movie and then just generic soldiers from the others? I don't know. Awesome non the less. 

  • Andrew


  • The Alien side is cool at least.  Predator not so much, but I suppose there isn't as much to work with there.

  • Second

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