The Remaining LEGO Lord Of The Rings Minifigs

January 31, 2012


Because if there's one thing people can't stand, it's a surprise, here are the remaining LEGO Lord of the Rings minifigs from the upcoming sets. Although truthfully it might not be all of them because where's Saruman? Did he not make the cut? What about a Balrog? I dunno, but I can't easily recreate the 'You shall not pass!' scene we're gonna have a real problem here, LEGO.

Hit the jump for the rest of a future paycheck.






Lego Reveals More 'Lord of the Rings' Minifigs Including Gollum and Other Foes [comicsalliance]

Thanks to David, who's already writing a nasty letter to LEGO about the glaring lack of Arwen and Elrond figs.

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