1st World Problems: iPhone Texting & Walking Concept

January 19, 2012


This is a conceptual iPhone design by Bryan Brunsell with the camera moved to the top so while you're texting and walking you can see whatever you're about to walk into. My guess is a sex shop because you're a pervert! Plus when you're texting and driving you'll be able to see the sky! Oh look, the top of a telephone po-- *CRASH!* Listen: if you have the common sense to stop walking while texting can you also have the decency TO NOT JUST STOP DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS? Because I will run into you. "You were distracted taking pictures of my ass, weren't you?" Of course I was -- half your asscrack was hanging out, I have a f***ing Tumblr for shit like that. An unrelated thing that really happened:

Me: *yawning*
Girlfriend: *sticking finger in open mouth* FUTURE PENIS!

One more shot after the jump in case you're really into squiggly lines.


iPhone Texting Concept [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Bryan, but obviously a different one than who designed the concept, because he had some real choice words to say about it.

  • @n0nym0uz

    i will severely injure anyone i see using this, if ever anyone is stupid enough to use this.

  • This already exists for Android as a live wallpaper.

  • Solving a problem that shouldn't exist, no conversation is that important that you need to have it while walking into the rest of us. Easyer way to deal with this is to stop being so damn ignorant.

  • Max Florschutz

    Yeah, this isn't anything new. This has been on Android for a long time now.

  • frankinthecity

    does the screen flashes when something gets close? that would be awesome!

  • frankinthecity

    this is actually a  very good idea, and I would use it, but re-locating the camera is completely useless, basically you want to aim the camera on the floor, where you can trip on something(AND still see bottom portion of people that you can walk into), but  the camera is already at the right position assuming you text at a 45 degree angle like 90% of the people, you just need to enable camera while texting and i think this can be programmed and sold as an 5,99$ app. however, the phone is expensive enough,  i think it should come already as a option when you buy the phone.

  • frankinthecity

    sorry double post.

  • i read "Texting & Wanking" and was all WTF

  • Apparently this guy has lived in the cave for the last few months. Maybe he hasn't heard of Siri. 

  • Curing cancer can wait! This is far more important!

  • JJtoob

    Also, far easier.

  • cocoa


  • So is this technology for those guys that like to film girls asses and up there skirts?

  • There's already an app for that in the Cydia store. Basically it makes the background of the text app show a view from the camera (behind the text) so that you can see where you're going. Silly, but works.

  • That concept assumes everybody texts with their phone horizontal to the ground, AND in portrait orientation. Not to mention trying to take actual pictures with it would be extremely awkward.

  • I would have pervier intentions if I had a phone with this type of camera...

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