The 'Exploding Liquid Nitrogen In A Bottle' Experiment

January 17, 2012


This is a video of some f***ing idiot pouring liquid nitrogen into a plastic bottle, then sealing the lid and waiting to see what happens. SURPRISE: it explodes in his hand! But only after nothing happens for long enough while it's sitting on the ground and he decides to go pick it back up again. *lifts eyepatch to reveal bouncy ball* Obviously someone never played with fireworks growing up.

Hit the jump for the I hope they take that damaged floor tile out of your tuition.

Safety Last of the Day []

Thanks to Susanne, who's genuinely surprised he didn't try drinking it.

  • this is just funny, until you notice the severed hand and broken glass all over.

  • zakany

    Liquid nitrogen expands to about 700 times its volume as it boils off. So hold it in your hand. It will boil faster that way.

  • porpoisehork

    Your comment does not concern the post, idiot.

  • "Okay" he says  calmy until he sees his buddy lost a hand.

  • $18922249

    I have done this before... with a 1.5mL tube... and it was terrifying. What a jackass. 

  • Ramon Cortes

    What a moron.  I've done this before with plastic zipper bags and the propellant from canned air (before they started adding the bittering agent) and that works pretty well.  This is just unsafe and stupid.

  • Dom Barlow

    Ways to kill your camera man No.365217: Nitrogen.

  • Jason315

    Glass doesn't show up on x-ray..

  • Just noticed that the 'FIRST' f**kwits now sink to the bottom of the comments, now I can read comments that concern the posts, me likes.

  • eljenxo

    "okay" he says coolly, as his eyeballs shatter and his tossil snaps off.

  • Who gave these idiots liquid nitro?

  • Guest

    Superman better look out, seems like there is a new Brainiac in town

  • Max Baldwin

    That is what happens when I bust a load.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    Reminds me of my friends... only they use fire.

  • Elliot Jackson

    lol and his face 

  • I wanna see what happened to his hand...

  • Connor Morgan


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