Terrifying: Ultra-Realistic Beavis & Butthead Busts

January 20, 2012


These are two ultra-realistic Beavis and Butthead busts created by makeup effects artist Kevin Kirkpatrick. As you can see, they're even more terrifying than in cartoon form. Definitely NOT the kind of kids you running around in your neighborhood. Actually, I don't want ANY kids running around my neighborhood, which is why I've been looking to buy in a retirement community. "You just want to drive a go-cart." A man can dream!

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups, but SPOILER: realistic acne.






Beavis & Butthead in real life by Makeup Effects Artist Kevin Kirkpatrick [reddit]
Realistic Beavis and Butthead Busts are Creepily Awesome [obviouswinner]

Thanks to T.J. O. and khz -- two men, six letters, dozens of broken hearts.

  • beavis scared me lol

  • If I were mike judge... I would buy those and have them sitting in my living room for all to see.

  • Jeremy Tilton
  • Bricks have been shat! 

  • Even though they're a little creepy, they are so funny I'd just HAVE to hang out with them :P

  • Mighty Molecule

    ...could have used a "cannot be unseen" warning...

  • KingOfTheRobots

    love it. super details. love butt heads cut

  • Bobbi Rager

    butthead looks likt the one kid from the movie "gummo"and beavis looks like a kid i went to school with <shudders>

  • I think Beavis would make a great Joker.

  • beavis looks like hes gonna rape me!

  • MegaVolt

    heh heh. you said bust. heh heh heh.

  • Kurt Christensen

    Is that Art Garfunkel?

  • Great! Now I have to bleach my eyes.

  • Dan

    i can't unsee this

  • What do you get when Beavis &  Butthead mate?

    You get Giorgio Tsoukalos!

  • raditzzzz

    so you are saying real life beavis and butthead would be chris klein and glenn close?

  • lol Beavis and Bust-head

  • aah.. huhhuhuhuh.. you said butt spoiler..

  • Scutt Farkus!

  • These are down right scary! Very, very, well done- but scary! I would run far away from anyone that actually looked like that.

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