Smells Viral: Quantum Levitating Toy Racecar Track

January 3, 2012


This is a fake-ass video of two quantum levitating hover cars racing around a little track inspired by the Playstation classic Wipe'Out. People are passing it around like it's real, but it's not -- it's fake. I assume they'll announce a new Wipe'Out game in the next couple weeks. Ooooooooooooor maybe it's real. Maybe scientists actually do spend their time making sketchy videos of meticulously reconstructed video game hover cars and race tracks with a giant ' 'WIPEOUT' printed right in the middle. *eyerolls so hard I lose a contact* Seriously folks, you really can't believe everything you see. Half the time it's just aliens playing tricks on us with laser beams!

Hit the jump for the worthwhile but fake as shit video.


Thanks to aaron, Pamela, Tim, amogl and G, who agree something smelled fishy from the start and NOT just because the last post was about sharks.

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