Smells Viral: Quantum Levitating Toy Racecar Track

January 3, 2012


This is a fake-ass video of two quantum levitating hover cars racing around a little track inspired by the Playstation classic Wipe'Out. People are passing it around like it's real, but it's not -- it's fake. I assume they'll announce a new Wipe'Out game in the next couple weeks. Ooooooooooooor maybe it's real. Maybe scientists actually do spend their time making sketchy videos of meticulously reconstructed video game hover cars and race tracks with a giant ' 'WIPEOUT' printed right in the middle. *eyerolls so hard I lose a contact* Seriously folks, you really can't believe everything you see. Half the time it's just aliens playing tricks on us with laser beams!

Hit the jump for the worthwhile but fake as shit video.


Thanks to aaron, Pamela, Tim, amogl and G, who agree something smelled fishy from the start and NOT just because the last post was about sharks.

  • Matt D

    the technology does exist but anyone who knows visual effects could tell you that the video is a fake. the fog in the last scene as the things drive off is a huge giveaway

  • Matt D

    well, heres the trailer you mentioned would be coming out soon..

  • I could care less if the video is real or fake. I just want an updated version of Wipeout made. One of my favorite games back in the day.

  • BungaBunga2

    Clearly faked, as anyone with even a tiny knowledge into the 3d modelling and animation field could tell you.

    But just a final nail in the coffin that im surprised nobody mentioned... notice the controller theyre using at 50 seconds into the clip? ....yeah thats a 3dconnexion mouse, a specialist device for 3d modellers and animators. Funny that...

  • Jake Hurley

    I mean, the technology is real, we've seen it before, but the problem here is the fact that they used CGI in this video and tried to pass it off as actual magnetic anti gravity technology.

  • Hamish Fox

    If you can't tell this is fake you've either never heard of computer graphics, or you need to have your eyes checked.

  • OminousE


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  • Konstantin and others
    Hi. Not trying to offend but trying to get some info. Can it be the same effect as shown in these two geekologie posts. Although I must say the smoke trails on the wipeout racers seem a bit fake to me.

    Check these out please. What do you think. Are they using superconductors or are they as clueless as me

    What do you guys think?

  • No, there are too many flaws. It is fake. But yes, if you wanted to make it work for real, you could.

    I'll see if I can set it up over at physics department. They should have everything I need, except maybe for a crap-load of magnets for the track.

  • Will Thomas


  • wbeaty

    Fake video of a real effect.   Their fog effect needs lots of work.

    Trouble is, if you put LN2 in a tank like that, you've got a bomb.  Second problem: it takes half a minute to cool down the HTSC block and the liquid nitrogen sponge.  You can't just briefly touch it to a squirt of LN2.  Third, only idiots and tradeshow education supply booths call it "quantum" levitation. It's plain old superconductive maglev. Or flux-pinning Type-II HTSC levitation.  Here's the real thing: and also

  • BZ Douglas

    is there any possibility that this could be applied as an artificial gravity system? that's the first thing i think of when I see that 2nd vid.

  • No. Ultimately, it is still just magnetic force. For artificial gravity, you need a force field that easily penetrates into any material, and affects all matter the same way. You'll never achieve that with magnetic fields. The only known way to generate artificial gravity remains the centrifuge.

  • Joxer the mighty

    F-Zero or GTFO.


  • Oh man, PLEASE don't say that this awesome technology is just going to amount to fucking scalextric.

  • Kyle Chapman

    It's not the levitation that's not real it's the CG cars.

    Trust me I'm a CG animator, this is my area.

  • Audwin Short

    Dude, I hate to break this to you, but the video is real. Sure, it's also a shameless plug, but still real. They have been working on Magnetic Levitation in Europe for YEARS. They even have a Train, remember?

    We're not up on this because--like Europeans feel--Americans are basically ignorant fat apes with guns, money and hookers.  Hell, our kids barely remember what books look like...


    Shortwave Industries:  Bringing future technology to fat apes... and hookers.

  • Video is fake, and you need to learn to listen rather than talk when you don't understand the subject.

    Their diagrams are completely wrong. Track must have permanent magnets, not superconductor. If it did have superconductor, it would also require liquid nitrogen cooling. The fields and forces on diagrams are labeled incorrectly as well. The tank they show for liquid nitrogen is completely wrong. LN2 tanks require venting and insulation. Finally, neither their track nor their fliers have any means of providing remote control.

    So not only is video fake, as anyone familiar with 3D rendering will tell you, but it's also faked by people who understand as little as you do about the phenomenon they are faking.

  • Luke Molnar

    Um, Konstantin, go do some research on QL. I believe you can go pick up a picture book from the library with pretty pictures.

    But honestly, this video is real I've seen this sort of thing in RL at a convention. 

  • Arnkell Jónsson

    uh dude, he isn't doubting quantum levitation or even bullet train technology. this particular video just looks fake.  

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