Sketchy (Like, It Looks Like A Sketch) Triforce Tattoo

January 3, 2012


This is Marian von Charlottenburg's (sweet name!) triforce arm tat by Needlefak (no thank you!) Tattooing in Hamburg, Germany. Not gonna lie, at first I thought it was a Photoshop job, but I just spent upwards of ten seconds comparing the two photos until I realized I didn't care and I was going to post it anyways. Standards: mine are incredibly low.

My Triforce done by Needlefak Tattooing Hamburg [fyeahtattoos]
Is this the toughest Zelda tattoo ever? [yahoogames]

Thanks to Stacey, who wants to know what the invisible triangle in the middle of the triforce stands for. It's a secret to everybody (See what I did there?!).

  • Freddy Örtendahl-Alm
  • "Marian" is a male name in some parts of the world.

    It's a DUDE. LOL

    Seems to me that the tattoo was done with the concept in mind of using Japan's "Rising Sun" as a base for the streams coming from the center. In this particular example of it, I think they were trying to emulate Japanese brush art instead of solid border lines between colors.

    As I see it that way; it looks REALLY good to me. If nothing else it stands unique.

    Despite being a bit OCD and insisting on cleanliness and perfection in art...I actually LIKE this.

    Nicely done. (^_^)

  • GirlFromSpace

    the dude, he shaves his armits.

  • Lauren

    This chick has a beard...

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    hahaha, my first thought when i looked at the photos

  • DaisukeHiwatari

    I keep seeing this photo everywhere right now.. I keep getting ticked off because everyone has the triforce on them now. I've been a huge LOZ fan sense I was able to hold a Nintendo controller nearly 21 years ago, and I will never get the triforce tattooed on me. Though I will admit that I have the 3 stones already done and waiting on the sage seals next.

  • Michael Saunders

    it is a photoshop job....a crappy one at that

  • ChapterXII

     Sorry man, that's no photoshop job. ^^

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