Shoot It Into The Sun!: iPad Survives Drop From Space

January 9, 2012


In an attempt to prove their $45 Extreme Edge iPad case is the toughest in my butt on the planet, G-Form launched an iPad to 100,000-feet (~19-miles up -- not really space, but for the sake of being dramatic we'll pretend) with a weather balloon, then let it plummet back to earth. SURPRISE -- it survived. Of course, if you've got the money to drop your iPad out of a rocketship window you can probably afford another one. "But what about all my p0rn?!" It's disturbing.

Hit the jump for the dizzying video, plus a bonus one of a bowling ball test.

iPad Dropped from Space of the Day []
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Thanks to smack, Ryan and Mark, who agree if you're dropping iPads from 100,000 feet you've got bigger things to worry about. Namely, running out of jetpack fuel.

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