See What Demographic Google Thinks You Belong To

January 30, 2012


Using a tracking cookie, Google stores info based on your searches to better target ads at your ass. Aaaaaand now you can see what demographic (I'm a cat!) Google thinks you belong to by visiting their ads preferences site HERE. You can also opt out of the tracking cookie's use on the same page. Me? I ate mine. This is a screenshot of my actual info though, so as you can see Google thinks I'm an ageless, sexless (admittedly true *sad face*) fan of coloring games. "And not a deviant porn freak?" Hey, I'm as shocked as you are.

Google Ad Preferences Page
How Old Does Google Think You Are? [gawker]

Thanks to Bradley and Kid Gorgeous, who Google thought were two handsome spies because they are. Hide quick, your cover's been compromised!

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