See What Demographic Google Thinks You Belong To

January 30, 2012


Using a tracking cookie, Google stores info based on your searches to better target ads at your ass. Aaaaaand now you can see what demographic (I'm a cat!) Google thinks you belong to by visiting their ads preferences site HERE. You can also opt out of the tracking cookie's use on the same page. Me? I ate mine. This is a screenshot of my actual info though, so as you can see Google thinks I'm an ageless, sexless (admittedly true *sad face*) fan of coloring games. "And not a deviant porn freak?" Hey, I'm as shocked as you are.

Google Ad Preferences Page
How Old Does Google Think You Are? [gawker]

Thanks to Bradley and Kid Gorgeous, who Google thought were two handsome spies because they are. Hide quick, your cover's been compromised!

  • Guest

    I'm a 30 yearold male whos interests include "hitler and 14 other things"

    none of that is correct.
    I feel this is google trying to lull us into a false sense of security

  • AC

    yeah - apparently i'm 45. WTH? am I that boring??

  • Apparently I'm a guy aged 18-24. They're off by about 8 months and a penis.

  • it said i was a male XD


    Mine just says Art & Entertainment and doesn't have a demographic. Lame.

  • It knows I'm female but thinks I'm younger than I am. As far as interests it got me right with computers and software but then is says "
    Bedroom - Beds & Headboards." I'm a bit weirded out.

  • vadersapp

    I think Google has actively chosen to ignore my porn searches. I'm both pleased and a little embarrassed by this. Like your mother walking in on you masturbating and then pleasantly asking you how your classes are going after you've made yourself decent and sulked from your room. It's appreciated but sad at the same time.

  • JohnSmithTheAnon

    Yeah, it keeps that out of actual reports in google analytics as well. I have a hentai site, but all the demographics say animation, tv, entertainment etc rather than the more adult interests. I'd say the guys at google are prudes, but chances are they have the data and just choose not to share it. I'm more concerned with how inaccurate the data is after checking my own, it's completely off on the age, doesn't know my gender, and doesn't know my interests. Companies use that data for marketing research, and it ain't even correct. Here's a screenshot of that report.

  • Paul Adams

    "Ads on the web

    You've opted out, but you can opt in at any time.Opt in
    Opt in to customise your ad preferences and tell Google which interest-based ads you'd prefer to see."

  • Dom Barlow

    Google thinks I'm non-existent, because I've used Adblock for ages. Score one for existential consumerist crises!

  • Tatiana K

    Google also thinks I'm a younger dude, into toys and video games. At least that last part is right.

  • Google also thinks I am a dude! And a younger one at that.

  • JCB5150

    I'm just glad all my porn surfing is done in the secret windows. That would really skew their findings... And my pride

  • Guest

    close about everything of business & computerness, but....they called me old! 25-34? I'm a bit younger than that. That's what I get for being slightly bureaucratic.

  • fraggot

    It pegged me dead on, I must be predictable :(

  • jj

    Weird. They say they dont have any info on me and I use their services A LOT!

  • JohnSmithTheAnon

    It's likely because all the interests it has on you are pornographic ones. It won't show those.

    It's the same with me, though that's mainly because it's mostly all I search for due to the nature of the site I run.

  • Yeah, Google thinks I'm a dude. Nice.

  • Same here... lol

  • Erin von Vengerberg

    ME TOO!

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