Say It Ain't So!: Bacon May Increase Cancer Risk 20%

January 13, 2012


In what I'm really hoping is some sort of sick Friday the 13th joke, a new study published in the British Journal of Cancer suggests that regular bacon consumption significantly increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. Wow cancer, really? Could you be a bigger dickhead?

Eating 50g of processed meat every day - the equivalent to one sausage or two rashers of bacon - increases the risk by 19%, compared to people who do not eat processed meat at all.

For people consuming double this amount of processed meat (100g), the increased risk jumps to 38%, and is 57% for those eating 150g a day. But experts cautioned that the overall risk of pancreatic cancer was relatively low - in the UK, the lifetime risk of developing the disease is one in 77 for men and one in 79 for women.

No clue how they came up with those numbers, but my guess is a lot of rats were put to death happy. "Did you even read the article, GW? They just studied people's diets and cancer development." Oh. Still, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Fear monger with the hopes they put bacon on sale at the supermarket?" Exaaaaaaactly. Operation Bargain Bacon begins...NOW.

Bacon linked to higher risk of pancreatic cancer, says report [guardian]
Bacon Photo [laine'srecipebox]

Thanks to cos5000, who agrees everything that's fun in life will eventually kill you. God, tell me about it. You know how many times I've almost been eaten by a dinosaur post-coitus?

  • JJtoob

    Uh yeah, tell me something I wouldn't believe...

  • Dom Barlow

    Processed Bacon? That sounds nasty... Hell, I can't even stand smoked bacon, so hopefully I'm in the clear here.

  • Not. my. bacon... Whatever, the risk is worth it.

  • osteenq

    Don't care.

  • TheLonelyBrit

    Worth it.

  • If this is the same statistic i saw the other day then you need not fear. It's a maths trick, rather than a death sentence. Essentially 5% of people will get pancreatic cancer, on average, no matter what they eat. Now if all those people start eating loadsa bacon on a regular basis, that figure jumps up to 6%....or, 20% more than it was before.

  • Catherine Mackay

    It's the preservatives -- specifically, the nitrates -- in bacon that increase your chance for cancer. You can buy all-natural bacon (preservative-free) from most grocery stores. Just make sure to carefully read the ingredients!

  • Guest

    That's almost as bad as hearing about the SOPA bill. *cries in corner*

  • Erich Belan

    How is bacon a "processed" meat?  It's pig belly smoked and sliced up.  Does smoking or slicing count as "processing", because a LOT of meats are one/both of these?  I would say things like weiners, bologna or compressed chicken burgers are obviously "processed" to be far different from their original form, but not bacon???

  • Darren McCoy

    I wouldn't want to live another day without bacon.

  • Worst news report ever. How dare you let us know 2012 apocalypse is actually coming in the form of a Bacon ban.

    :( GW

  • Chris.Boulton666

    As a Brit who has sampled your fair US of A, and it's "version" of bacon,  I can safely say that the UK  Bacon is much bigger, usually not crispy to the point of shattering beneath a fork, and actually resembles a cut of meat.
    I'm almost certain that the "two rashers of bacon" warning given doesn't apply to whatever you yanks are eating.

  • Alexandre Mantha

    It sounds sketchy... why? Because doubling the amount of bacon doubles the chance to have cancer, tripling it triples the chance of having cancer, and it's usually not how this works...

  • Cancer or not, I'm not going to stop consuming bacon. In other related news, these "Scientists" who did this study can kiss my baconized butt cheeks.

  • But I've had 3 sausages today already!
    Oh.Processed meats.Never mind.

  • Everyone's chance of dying is 100% so why not make it better with bacon?

  • Worth it.

  • rikster81

    sprinkle a little of bacon on that report it should make it better

  • you know what, I'll take the risk!

  • Frederik Lauridsen

    I'm with you on that!

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