Rob An Australian McDonald's, Get Hosed With DNA

January 23, 2012


McDonald's restaurants (if you can even call them that) in Australia, having suffered from a recent spat of robberies (who the f*** robs a McDonald's? Taco Bell or GTFO), have teamed up with security firm SelectaDNA to install sprayers above its doors that will douse robbers with an invisible mist of DNA. Why? To make them glow under blacklight for police identification. Wait, WHAT?

The newly introduced DNA will then seep harmlessly into his or her skin for two weeks (and clothes for six months) allowing the police to reveal the culprit using UV light.

The spray is both invisible and odorless, but even if the hapless highwayman notices the deoxyribonucleic acid rain cloud, SelectaDNA assures that its chemical concoction is "virtually impossible to remove." Making matters worse for the offender is that each DNA sequence is unique to the location to which it was installed, meaning a successful forensic identification is 100% admissible in court. Basically, if you get caught in this stuff, you're screwed.

No word if the DNA will cause you to mutate into a supervillain, but brobro in the picture there does look kinda like a Star Wars character, so that's something. Not something I'd be willing to rob a McDonald's to achieve, but I'm also smart enough to only rob Burger Kings. *putting on cardboard crown* NOW LEAD ME TO THE ROYAL TREASURE ROOM.

Australian McDonald's Now Spraying Thieves With DNA [escapistmagazine]

Thanks to Sore_Dong, who may or may yes have permanently injured his unit. Smooth move buddy -- your DNA spraying days are OVER.

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