Ready My Cyanide Capsule!: Space Invader IRL

January 30, 2012


Space Invaders: apparently they're not just really crappy 8-bit spaceships like I was hoping. They...are much, MUCH more terrifying. Not gonna lie, if it came down to having to fight these things to save earth I'd probably just say "f*** it" "I'm way too drunk for this shit" and swallow my cyanide capsule. And speaking of space invaders -- there was this creeper on the bus the other day that kept inching closer and closer to me until we were actually touching butts. I MADE HIM MY BOYFRIEND.

3D Space Invaders Extreme Almost Looks TOO Real [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Killa Hertz, who has ZERO regard for personal space and WILL touch your hair without asking.

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