Rainbow Brites: Color Changing Headlights

January 9, 2012


Oracle ColorSHIFTs are LED headlights that can change any color. PLUS STROBE. Want to give the driver in front of you a seizure? NO PROBLEMO. They're only made for select car types and cost over $400, but who cares, your headlights are shooting rainbows. Mine? Mine are shooting f***ing laser beams. No, no they're not. I'm not even sure if the bulbs still work. *turning key* "Well one does." PADIDDLE! Now you have to kiss me.

Hit the jump for a video of the lights in action and a link to the product site.

Product Site

Thanks to Shenanigans, who once drove all night using nothing for headlights but a lighter. Okay now that was entirely unsafe.

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