Painful: Girl Handles Music Record For First Time

January 25, 2012


I can see your shitter bro -- close the bathroom door next time!

This is a painful to watch staged video of a guy showing his daughter a LP record (a yellow see-thru one for some reason) for the first time in her 13 years of constantly texting existence. cringe-worthy. I actually watched the whole thing (a rarity!) and if somebody slapped me on the back right now and my face got stuck like this you'd swear I was a mime perpetually imitating someone who just huffed a fart then bit a lemon.

Video after the jump, proceed at your own risk.


Thanks to Cammy (wait -- FROM STREET FIGHTER?!) and DG, who agree there's something magical about listening to jazz on vinyl in the dark with the windows open and a slight breeze coming in.

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