Outerspace Real Estate: Mass Effect Monopoly Set

January 4, 2012


Inspired by this Fallout 3 Monopoly set, DeviantARTist TommyFilth (take a f***ing bath!) went and created this Mass Effect version. As you can see, it would be infinitely funner to play than regular Monopoly, and at least 2x as fun as the novelty version modeled after your hometown. Oh shishi -- I smell a game night!

Geekologie Writer: So we're gonna play Mass Effect Monopoly, you be the banker.
You: Okay.
Geekologie Writer: Now look under the table.
You: ...You're pointing your penis at me.
Geekologie Writer: Pretend it's a gun. THIS IS A STICK-UP!
You: You're peeing.
Geekologie Writer: Now imagine if those were bullets.

Hit the jump for several more closeups and a link to Tommy's DeviantART page.





Tommy's DeviantART

Mass Effect Monopoly [rampagedreality]

Thanks to Terry, who's holding out for a Skyrim version. Please, you think somebody doesn't already have one in the works?

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  • Louis Minsky

    harry potter monopoly: http://www.reddit.com/r/gee...

  • Vladeon

    I don't get why some people think it's alright to inflate currency in these games to make them seem larger. No matter how many zeros you have on the smallest denomination of your currency in a monopoly type game, it's always going to be $1. It just confuses people (at least it confuses me) when I have to count the amount of commas on the face of the denomination, then count the amount of zeros after the last comma, then convert it into what it really means. I can just see it now at the end of the game, "ok, everyone count up your money, it's time to go to bed." "I have, lets see, what's the next word up from trillion? I have 5 gazillion dollars? How many gazillions do you have?"

    And yes, I know that a quadrillion is the next largest up from trillion, but most people don't.

  • jacarda

    You are buying planets mate, you think you can buy a planet for $250 of any of the available currency's in Mass Effect; and if you could I would hate to see the exchange rates.

    P.S. I know there are not multiple currency's to choose from in Mass Effect.

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