Oh Goody: Humanoid Robot Planning A People Zoo

January 17, 2012


This is a video of a reporter having a conversation with a humanoid robot, who eventually (~2:30) divulges his plans to build a people zoo. And only for the "friends" that he likes, the rest he'll just kill. Does that mean you'll have to befriend a robot to survive the uprising? I'm afraid so. "But I thought you had a plan!" Well I lied. Besides, zoo life isn't so bad -- just go ask the monkeys.

Well? "They threw shit at me." Haha, we're gonna do that too! The key is catching it right as it comes out so the robots don't know we're packin'.

Hit the jump for the I'd rather test-fly jetpack prototypes designed by middle-schoolers.


Thanks to Fatwoul, zequi and Dan, who are already planning an escape in case it turns out to be a heavy petting zoo.

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