Not Finding Nemo: Fish Mimicking Mimic Octopus

January 6, 2012


I'm on a seafood diet. I seafood and I...where'd it go?

This is a video of a black-marble jawfish mimicking a mimic octopus. Just like that classic anti-drug PSA I LEARNED IT BY WATCHING YOU! Parents who use drugs, have children who use drugs. Plus some parents who DON'T do drugs will still have kids who do. And some parents who DO use drugs will have kids who DON'T because they'll be all, "God, mom's been on the wine since 10AM again and is getting f***in' sloppy."

For a good 15 minutes, this black-marble jawfish took the mollusk express, presumably to find food beyond its burrow. As nifty as the fish's behavior is, the researchers suspect that this isn't an everyday interaction. From the recent paper in the journal Coral Reefs, "Opportunistic mimicry by a Jawfish":

Since the Black-Marble Jawfish is distributed from Japan to Australia, whereas the Mimic Octopus is restricted to the Indo-Malay region, we think this is a case of opportunistic rather than obligate mimicry.

Neato. Of course you can't rule out the possibility that the fish thought those tentacles were other fish to have sex with. Because my dog humps stuffed animals sometimes and they only KIND OF look like him. The giraffe one not at all.

Hit the jump for the video along with a bonus one of two mimic octopi MAKIN' THE LOVE. Honey, that wasn't me. But he looked just like you, I swear!

Watch a lowly fish mimic the incredible mimic octopus

Thanks to Josh, who once mimicked a mime until the poor bastard couldn't stand it anymore and broke his silence. Then he killed himself. WAIT, WHAT?!

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