Nice Try, Furry!: Chewbacca Bandolier Hoodie

January 3, 2012


Seen here being modeled by a VERY feminine looking dude, this $70 hoodie from Hot Topic (who else?) makes you look like everybody's favorite wookie. "Nope, my favorite's Tyvokka." Ugh, of COURSE he is, you're special. Thankfully, the hoodies are an online exclusive, so you can sleep easy at night knowing yours wasn't masturbated in by some furry at the mall.

Hit the jump for one more shot you'd swear is a woman's face.


Hot Topic Product Site
Stay As Warm As a Wookiee In This Hoodie [gizmodo]

Thanks to Dean, who had to call the fire department after trying to recreate the burning Ewok village scene in the woods behind his house.

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  • Want.

  • Ry Keener

    It seems Sanjaya has found new work after American Idol.

  • lmao

  • I was thinking the same. He just needs to thin those eyebrows and then he'll be set! ...I wish I had hair like that...

  • Audwin Short

    It's great if you want to dress like Chewbecca entering a beauty pageant. Is he wearing skinny jeans?...

    Shortwave Industries:  Where Star Wars characters would be caught dead in Hot Topic...

  • JeffreySpur

    no new-years post???????

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