Move Over, Chicken Soup!: Eye Candy For The Soul -- International Space Station Passes Over Stormy Africa

January 20, 2012


Because some of us need constant reminders that the earth is actually a beautiful place and not just a breeding ground for miserable, greedy assholes, here's a short video taken from the International Space Station passing over a very stormy Africa, with the Milky Way serving as a backdrop. Just focus on taking deep breaths and watch it a few times, you'll feel better I promise. Just relaaaaaax. Let yourself go and experience a higher plane of consciousness. Now quit your job and join my cult. No? It was worth a try!

Hit the jump for the damn, maybe earth ain't so bad after all.

Milky Way Timelapse of the Day []

Thanks to el diablo (give it to me straight -- how many souls do i have to collect for immortality?) and Mark, who are convinced the space station is fake and all these videos are computer generated. Oh come -- this isn't the moon landing!

  • I love these videos, GW.

  • I guess it rains down in Africa

  • JonTheTerrible

    Holy shitballs there's a lot of stars in space.

  • Matthew Little

    You could see those on earth too.  But not if you live in a city.  I have a theory that city lights blocking out the stars is one of the reason humans aren't as interested in space as they once were.

  • ehh i live in the country and space isnt that interestings its a bunch of uninhabital planets that thier are no goddamned way we'll ever get to any of them thus hey hold no interest because theirs no way to get to them because even at light speed il be dead before i get thier

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