Move Over, Chicken Soup!: Eye Candy For The Soul -- International Space Station Passes Over Stormy Africa

January 20, 2012


Because some of us need constant reminders that the earth is actually a beautiful place and not just a breeding ground for miserable, greedy assholes, here's a short video taken from the International Space Station passing over a very stormy Africa, with the Milky Way serving as a backdrop. Just focus on taking deep breaths and watch it a few times, you'll feel better I promise. Just relaaaaaax. Let yourself go and experience a higher plane of consciousness. Now quit your job and join my cult. No? It was worth a try!

Hit the jump for the damn, maybe earth ain't so bad after all.

Milky Way Timelapse of the Day []

Thanks to el diablo (give it to me straight -- how many souls do i have to collect for immortality?) and Mark, who are convinced the space station is fake and all these videos are computer generated. Oh come -- this isn't the moon landing!

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